At the High School

  The annual Twilight fun run held at Bellevue High School saw four schools compete to run in the4K races. Hosted by Bellevue, ,teams from Maquoketa, Easton Valley and Marquette ran for fun with no team scores kept.

 For the girls Marquette’s Halle Kilburg was first followed by the Comets Gabby Williamson runner-up..

 The boys race was won by  Bellevue’s Brady Griebel and Easton Valley’s Aiden Gruver finished  second.

`Local Girls results

 1st. Halle Kilburg MHS

2nd Gabby Williamson BHS

3rd. Holly Beauchamp MHS

5th Kaylee Koos MHS

7th Delaney Dunne BHS

9th Allison Kettmann MHS

10th Miranda Peters MHS

11th Molly Muenster MHS

 Local Boys results

 1st Brady Griebel BHS

4th Parker Mueller MHS

5th Abe Steinbeck BHS

6th Aiden Onken BHS

7th Sam Dunne BHS

 8th Nic Hager MHS

9th Marcus Anderson BHS

10th Nolan Tracy MHS

11th Zach Roeder BHS

12th Ben Steinbeck BHS

14th Jake Bormann BHS

 16th Cade Smith BHS

 19th Jared Fite BHS

23rd Jayden Koos BHS

26th Ethan DeSotel MHS

27th Nathan Roth BHS

28th Trevor Klein MHS

30th Lucas Siegwarth BHS