sports calendar

  Friday, Feb. 8:

 BHS BB at Cascade at 6 pm V

 MHS BB at Cal-Wheat at 5:30 pm

 Saturday, Feb. 9:

 BHS wrestlers in districts at Jesup HS. at 12pm.

Monday, Feb. 11:

 Class 2A BB district play @ Northeast at 8 pm

 Class 1A first  distruct BB games

Tuesday Feb. 12:

 BHS bowlingin sub-state TBD & TBA

Class 1A Reg.  girls BB at the MEC at 7 pm

 Class 2A Reg. girls BB at Bellevue at 7 pm

 Thursday, Feb 13:

 BHS BB in 2A district  BB play TBD & TBA

MHS in  Class 1A district BB play TBD & TBA

Friday, Feb. 15:

 Class 1A  Reg. semi final    girls BB at the MEC at 7 pm

 Class 2A  Reg. semi-final  BB at Dyersville Beckman  at 7 pm

 Monday, Feb 18:

Class 1A Reg.  girls final  BB at Iowa City at 7 pm

 Class 2A Reg. girls final BB at Senior at 7 pm.