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Marquette traveled to Central City last week, where the young Mohawks looked to build on experience from the Easton Valley Tournament.

After a strong start to the match that saw the Mohawks even at 12-12, the Wildcats went on a serving run that ultimately swung momentum in their favor, taking set 1: 25-17. While there was a strong back and forth battle for every point, the power and speed of the wildcats became too much for Marquette as eventually Central City pulled away with a set 2 and set 3 win.

Final score: Marquette loses to Central City: 17-25, 10-25, 8-25

Kill Leaders for Marquette were Megan Kremer with 8, Ella Tracy with 2.

Assist Leader for Marquette was Kory Kintzle with 10 assists

Ace Leader for Marquette was Elise Kilburg with 1.

Block Leaders for Marquette were Ella Tracy - 2, Elise Kilburg - 2

Dig Leaders for Marquette were Elise Kilburg - 16, Skylar Sieverding - 10.