Bellevue 29

 North Cedar 6

At Stanwood:

 The Bellevue Comets are cruising,  they moved to 7-0, have won 11 regular season games in a row,  and a 18-hour delay didn’t slow them down as they blew by North Cedar at Stanwood 29-6 last Saturday.

 Minus two of their better athletes (slight injuries) the Comets dominated the Knights on both sides of the ball. The line play was superb on both sides of the ball. They controlled the outcome of the game.

   Hunter Clasen and Trey Daugherty,  two impact players  (ready to go) resting with  ankle injuries, the Comet’s  depth was evident in the game.

  After the game resumed Saturday from the weather delay  the Comet defense went to work stuffing  the Knights on their first possession getting the  ball to the offense.

  Quarterback  Lucus  Tennant and running-back Ben Parker drove the Comets into Knight territory where Tennant hooked up with Trevor Hager on a 24-yd pass and run score. Daugherty faked the  kick PAT and ran it in untouched for the 2-point conversion for a  8-0 Comet lead.

 Turnovers  sparked the Comets next two scores. Both came following interceptions  by Tennant. Parker scored twice on short runs, Ty Kloser added both PATs to push the lead to 22-0 at the end of the 1st quarter.

  Comet Coaches began getting  more reserves playing time in the game. A blocked punt was turned into the Comets final points   Quarterback  Tennant ran it in from 3-yards out, Kloser’s PAT  made it a  29-0 lead.

 The Knights scored late on a 7-yd pass play, the PAT failed  to end it 29-6.

  A win at home against Northeast Friday night would give the Comets at least a share of the District Championship.

 Scoring summary

 Bellevue 22 0 7 0 -29

 North Cedar 0 0 0 6 -6

 Team Stats

 Bellevue        North Cedar

15     1st downs       14

47      tot plays       60

253-yds     tot off   173 yds

24:00  time of poss  24:00 104   yds passing  116

6-16    atts- Comp   14-21

31-149  rushes-yds  39-57

6-65    penl-yds     2-15

1-37    punts yds    6-129

 Individual stats

Passing- Lucus Tennant 6-16 104-yds ,TD, 2-ints


 Trey Daugherty 2-35yds

Harrison Haynes 1-35yds

 Trevor Hager 2-28 yds, td

 Jacob Waller 1-8yds


 Ben Parker 21-108yds, 2 tds

 Lucus Tennant 5-21yds, td

 Harrison  Haynes 4-19 yds

Jacob Waller 1-1yd

 Punt returns

 Lucus Tennant  1-8yds   


            Defensive stats


 Riley Konrardy  14, 7-solo

 Junior Tennant 12, 6-solo, sack, 4-TFL

 Lucus Tennant 7, 6-solo , 2-ints

 Ben Parker 9, 3-solo

 Brandon Kafar 6, 4-solo, 2-TFL

Jacob Waller 4, 3-solo, sack, TFL

 Max Jackson 5, 2-solo

 Trevor Hager 2, 2-solo

 Logan Manders 2, solo

 Isaac Carter 1, solo

 Payton Grover  1,solo

Like Giesemann 1, solo

Lucas Knief 1