The Bellevue wrestling team won over Wahlert and lost to Midland and Assumption Davenport last week at the annual Bellevue Quadrangular meet.

Following are the results  by weight class.

Wahlert, Dubuque vs. Bellevue at Bellevue, Midland, Assumption, Wahlert

Bellevue (BELL) 33 Wahlert, Dubuque (WAHL) 30

285: Double Forfeit 106: Double Forfeit 113: Will Steinbeck (BELL) over   (WAHL) (For.) 126: Jacob Evans (WAHL) over   (BELL) (For.) 126:  132: Ava McDermott (WAHL) over   (BELL) (For.) 138: Quintin Pickett (BELL) over Patrick  Igo (WAHL) (Fall 2:00) 145: Diego Mejia-Moreno Mejia-Moreno (WAHL) over   (BELL) (For.) 152: Casey Tath (BELL) over Jimmy McDermott (WAHL) (Dec 11-4) 160: Jayden Keane (BELL) over Matthew  Nachtman (WAHL) (Fall 0:00) 170: Gabe Anstoetter (WAHL) over   (BELL) (For.) 182: Jacob Waller (BELL) over   (WAHL) (For.) 195: Jack Hiland (BELL) over Jake Brosius (WAHL) (Fall 2:00) 220: John Valdez (WAHL) over Ryder Michels (BELL) (Fall 0:00)

Midland vs. Bellevue @ Bellevue, Midland, Assumption, Wahlert

Midland (MIDL) 46 Bellevue (BELL) 21

106: Coy Petersen (MIDL) over   (BELL) (For.) 113: Will Steinbeck (BELL) over   (MIDL) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Shayden Hansen (MIDL) over   (BELL) (For.) 132: Damon Huston (MIDL) over   (BELL) (For.) 138: Quintin Pickett (BELL) over Jordan Buford (MIDL) (Fall 2:00) 145: Lucas Ervin (MIDL) over   (BELL) (For.) 152: Carson  Hunter (MIDL) over Casey Tath (BELL) (MD 12-2) 160: Jayden Keane (BELL) over   (MIDL) (For.) 170: Caden Ballou (MIDL) over   (BELL) (For.) 182: Cayden  Miller (MIDL) over Jacob Waller (BELL) (Fall 0:00) 195: Jack Hiland (BELL) over Cael Eganhouse (MIDL) (Dec 6-2) 220: Keegan Rushford  (MIDL) over Ryder Michels (BELL) (Fall 2:00) 285: Double Forfeit

Assumption, Davenport vs. Bellevue @ Bellevue, Midland, Assumption, Wahlert

Assumption, Davenport (ASSU) 59 Bellevue (BELL) 15

113: jacob maes (ASSU) over Will Steinbeck (BELL) (Fall 0:41) 120: mike kersten (ASSU) over   (BELL) (For.) 126: Double Forfeit 132: noah gonzalez (ASSU) over   (BELL) (For.) 138: Michael Macias (ASSU) over Quintin Pickett (BELL) (Fall 0:38) 145: colton pilgrim (ASSU) over   (BELL) (For.) 152: Casey Tath (BELL) over Parker Foley (ASSU) (Fall 0:47) 160: parker terronez (ASSU) over Jayden Keane (BELL) (TF 18-1 2:47) 170: logan schimanski (ASSU) over   (BELL) (For.) 182: Jacob Waller (BELL) over john argo (ASSU) (Dec 7-5) 195: aiden morgan (ASSU) over Jack Hiland (BELL) (Fall 3:50) 220: Ryder Michels (BELL) over   (ASSU) (For.) 285: joe turner (ASSU) over   (BELL) (For.) 106: derrick bass (ASSU) over   (BELL) (For.)