The Bellevue Archery Club traveled to Anamosa on Saturday, January 8 with 55 archers to take place in the bullseye and 3D tournaments. There were 21 schools that participated in bullseye at their middle school so the competition was fierce.

While a tournament was held between Bellevue and Marquette earlier this year, this was the first tournament participating with archers from outside of our club for many of our archers and coaches said were “really impressed with how they performed.”

Anamosa gave medals for 1st-6th place at the tournament to individuals and to 1st-3rd place teams. While none of the Bellevue teams placed, six individuals placed in their division. Below are the individuals from Bellevue who placed at the tournament:

-Cameron Veach 236 3rd place for elementary boys (new personal record)

-Brook Davies 277 1st place for middle school girls (tied her personal record)

-Amber Kremer 266 3rd place for middle school girls

-Trevor Klein 278 6th place for high school boys

-Sidney Fondell 288 2nd place for high school girls and she also shot two 50 point rounds (new personal record)

-Payton Bellings 282 3rd place for high school girls and she also shot one 50 point round

Bellevue archers also participate in the Anamosa 3D tournament that took place at Anamosa. Bellevue’s 3D targets have not arrived yet so the home team archers did not had the opportunity to practice 3D but still had a good showing. 17 schools participated in this tournament and again there was some pretty fierce competition.  

Anamosa gave medals to individuals who placed 1st-6th and 1st-3rd place teams. Bellevue did not have any teams place but had two individuals who placed in their division. Below are the archers from Bellevue who placed in 3D:

-Hank Hurley 214 5th place for elementary boys (1st 3D tournament)

-Payton Bellings 279 4th place for high school girls and she also shot one 50 point round.

Next Saturday Bellevue Archery travels to Elderidge to participate in the Lancer Tournament hosted by North Scott.

The first flight starts at 1 p.m.  and the last flight starts at 5 p.m.