Politics is a dirty business today. Many politicians as we have learned will say and do anything to get your vote.

They look you in the eye and promise one thing and do another. They hide behind words, not actions. They take credit but never blame.

We need to ask questions of our politicians, don’t trust the sound bite, or the flyer stuck in your front door. Look them in the eye and see if they are able to look you back.

I have admired Representative Lee Hein for many years. He is a family man, farmer, trucker, businessman, community leader, politician.

Notice I used the word politician last, that is Lee. He is in a republican primary run off for the newly created house district 66 against Representative Dr. Steven Bradley.

We need people like Lee in the statehouse. As the chair of The Ways and Means committee Lee fights to keep our taxes in check and works to control spending.  

I have not always agreed with Representative Hein, but always know where he stands. He will look you in the eye and tell you the truth, you can trust him. I wish we could say that about all our politicians today. Vote for Hein on June 7.

Scott DeSousa

1154 Woodland Drive