Certified personal wellness and nutritional consultant

'Tis the season for giving. Winston Churchill is said to have quoted, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  How do I get more in life from giving, we might ask.  

When we hear the word ‘give,’ we think monetarily. Yes sometimes that is the case. Yet the most  treasured  moments are created when we give of ourselves. Give the gift of time. That one thing we oftentimes wish we had more of.  

So if I don't have enough time now, how can I afford to give time to others? My answer is we cannot afford not to.

Giving of ourselves, the spirit of giving, is the very thing that creates harmony, connectivity, happiness, a domino effect of more giving and acts of kindness. Giving helps to create the kind of life we want to live. The life that money cannot buy.

Like many of you, I sometimes get overwhelmed with things to do. When I have allowed myself to get caught up in chaos, I set aside my "things to do" list and create time for important things in life....others.  I call this resetting myself.  I leave the chaotic environment and seek someone who could use a hand, needs an ear, or enjoys companionship. The rest of my day goes unbelievably better after a random act of kindness and giving of my time.

Remember a little time is better than no time. Give gifts like a smile, hug, phone call, compliment, visit, our talent/skills, hand-written note of appreciation, watching a child or playing with a child for a busy or ill parent, an unexpected invite to dinner, and the list goes on. "We make life by what we give."

We get out of life what we put into it. When we put our heart into everything we do, every person we interact with, living feels great!  

Final thoughts: When you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, frustrated, alone, discouraged, feelings of despair, reset yourself.

Give of yourself to others. Call a friend. Help someone struggling. Lend a hand or an ear. Slip away from wherever you are and seek others. There are plenty of others crying silently for a better life. Give what you can and feel your life change! At the end of the day, when we follow our heart and do the right thing for others, our life becomes more bountiful!  " We make life by what we give."

Thank you for reading.  

Paulette Wagner is a certified personal wellness and nutritional consultant from Bellevue