We, the undersigned, are employees of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. We are writing the letter to dispel some rumors out there regarding our office employees and who they are standing with and supporting for the office of Sheriff.

With that said, we are absolutely and unequivocally supporting Steve Schroeder for Sheriff of Jackson County.

The undersigned group of employees come from all political parties. We are Republicans, Independents and Democrats. We may not be able to agree on all state, national and even local elections, but we all certainly agree that Steve Schroeder is the best and only reasonable candidate for Sheriff.

Steve goes above and beyond to help people in this community. He spends a lot of time, even outside of his working hours, working with kids in the schools and at the parks. He also does many good deeds that the public won’t ever see, because he is in this profession for the right reason, to help others.

As a boss, Steve listens to input from all input from all sides and makes calm, collected, rational decisions. Steve provides us with tools and training to make sure we can perform at the highest level possible, while still keeping our budget fiscally responsible to the taxpayers.

Steve was born and raised in Jackson County and has spent his entire life here after returning from the military, where he did a three-year stint overseas as a Military Policeman before being Honorably Discharged.

He joined the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and worked his way up from Deputy, to Investigator, to Chief Deputy. He watched two long-term Sheriffs operate our office with great success before him and he will them proud as the new Sheriff.

Whether you’re voting by mail, at the courthouse early, or on election day, we hope you will join us in voting for Steve Schroeder for Jackson County Sheriff.


Deputy Scott Heiar, Deputy Kody Sieverding, Deputy Corey Kettmann, Deputy Chad Gruver, Deputy Chad Roeder, Deputy Russ Long, Deputy Brandon Beck, Deputy Randy Manning, Criminal Secretary Karen Wells, Civil Secretary Kim Clark, Courthouse Security Officer Brad Staner, Jail Administrator Adam Pape, Correctional Officer Adam Hoffman, Correctional Officer Kelly Boehde, Correctional Officer Doug Said, Correctional Officer Dawn Patterson, Correctional Officer Andrew Long, Correctional Officer Diana Budde, Correctional Officer Greg Krogman and Correctional Officer Rebecka Aragon.