The Bellevue Community School District will be conducting a special election on Tuesday March 2 to reauthorize our current Revenue Purpose Statement for SAVE funds (Secure an Advanced Vision for Education).

This is not a new tax, the Revenue Purpose Statement does not increase anyone's taxes, it simply allows the voters of the district to authorize the local school board to spend their share or the revenue generated from sales tax funds collected across the state. Iowa code allows the funds from SAVE for specific purposes, including such things as, purchasing and repairing transportation equipment, technology purposes, safety equipment, and several other items needed to prepare our students for life after graduation from our district.

The district has worked to decrease property taxes over the last several years for our stakeholders. That tax rate has decreased from $14.04 to $10.88 per $1,000 of net assessed taxable valuation from 2011 to the current time.

Once again this is not asking  for money, it is not raising taxes, it is not for a new expenditure. It is a common ballot issue which takes 50% plus 1 vote to authorize for the benefit of our students and community.

Voting Yes will not raise your taxes, voting No will not lower them, a YES vote for the Revenue Purpose Statement is an easy decision for our students and community.

Mike Reed

School Board President