Another vague childhood memory… This has to do with the original fearless leader. That was Boris Badenov of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Every Saturday morning, Rocky and Bullwinkle had to save the free world from Boris and Natasha.

In episode one, Boris and Natasha have succeeded in dividing America into red states and blue states. This is the United States of American, red, white and blue. If you live in a red state, you pay more taxes than our fearless leader.

He says that makes him smart. That makes the rest of us hardworking taxpaying Americans stupid.

He spends more on legal fees than if he had just paid his fair share. Smart or crooked? Time will tell.

We the people must stay united. Be patient, be human, be kind.

In episode two, Boris said ‘liberate Michigan.’ Look what happened there. Stand back and stand by.

No, America must stand united. We must stand against any form of violence against our American ideals. Please don’t liberate Iowa.

In episode three, our fearless leader called a legally-elected female senator a ‘monster.’ That is something a 10 year-old boy would say after getting beaten up by a 10 year-old girl. We can do better than this. We must do better than this.

Rocky and Bullwinkle are going to have a tough job ahead. Americans must stand together to bring this country into 2021.Voters decide.

Larry Doland