tax receipts

With tax bills being sent out a few weeks ago, county auditor Alisa Smith urged residents to look at the “power of the tax receipt.”

“Think about what we’re paying for when we’re paying our taxes,” she said. “We’re buying a school book. We’re buying a basketball. We’re helping the area schools with however they’re trying to educate the students in the community colleges.”

All told, 31 taxing entities are collecting a little more than $31 million in taxes in Jackson County this year. Eight schools get a total of about $14.5 million, with the county getting about $7.3 million and 13 cities’ receiving $5.8 million

Other beneficiaries receive less in property taxes: about $1.1 million for the hospital and about $1.1 million for area schools such as community colleges. Extension, benefitted fire districts, the assessor, and statewide livestock disease eradication all get small portions of property tax proceeds.

Taxes help pay for thousands of small things, from “trying to pave a road to buying a power washer,” Smith continued. “Here at the county we’re trying to help people with mental health issues. We’re helping people who need general assistance, with a burial maybe.”

There are more than 22,000 parcels in Jackson County, resulting in more than 21,000 tax receipts.