Many of you may have read in the Bellevue Herald Leader in February that Lilliana Tracy received a State Prudential Spirit of Community Award. It is truly a great honor and Lilliana was very deserving for her efforts in helping residents of Mill Valley feel very special by her visits.

For being a recipient of the award, Lilliana received a $1,000 check among other things. What you may not know, though, is that Lilliana chose to donate that award to ServeHAITI.

Lilliana and her family have been involved with ServeHAITI for a very long time with her mom Marcine traveling to Grand-Bois with ServeHAITI in 2011.

With Lilliana’s donation, the St. Vincent de Paul Health Center in Grand-Bois is able to be open for two full days.  This includes paying all the staff salaries, paying for all the medicines that need to be prescribed, and also for all medical equipment used, and other incidentals that help run the clinic.

This is truly a huge gift from Lilliana that is immeasurable for the people in Grand-Bois who have access to full time health care.

Thank you, Lilliana for your unbelievable generosity and for being a valuable member of our community and the world.


Cindy Broders