Chris and Linda Frank

Chris and Linda Frank of Spruce Harbor Inn (Herald-Leader file photo)

Chris and I bought the restaurant on January 10, 1988 from Andrew Savings Bank and worked with Tom Dunlap.  What brought us to purchase it was the after affects of Chris’s Brain Aneurysm in April of 1985.  After a lot of healing and therapy to get himself back to a hundred percent he couldn’t find an employer that would hire him because of his past health history.  

When we purchased it neither of us had any previous restaurant experience other than me working at Potters Mill for one year in 1986.  We started with employees who had previously worked for Wayne Pollock and learned the in’s and outs of running a restaurant as we went along.  Our original intention was to own it for approximately 5 years or so and before we knew it, it became everything we knew.  We poured our hearts and souls into it and as we know, we didn’t do it alone.

We are beyond grateful for our faithful employees whether you were with us one year or 33 years, you were integral to our success along with our 3 children.  Andrea, Lucas and Annika played a key role in its success.  From sitting on the bar in their car seats greeting customers to washing dishes, cooking, waitressing, cleaning, running errands to having no choice in the matter when employees couldn’t work and they had to fill in.  God also blessed us with parents who stood by us and helped out whenever they could.

We learned early on you have to have a hands-on approach to running a successful business.  In 33 years there was hardly ever a weekend that we weren’t there.  We consider our customers friends and because of that it made the decision to move on extremely hard.  We’ve talked about it for many years and every year we always said, let’s go one more.  If 2020 brought us anything it was clear vision on moving forward in a new direction and when we finally decided we had a peace in our hearts that wasn’t there before.  Until the time comes you don’t realize how hard it is to say goodbye to all you’ve known and say yes to change.  We truly believe God’s timing is perfect timing and we are putting our trust in God to lead us forward in the right direction.

Chris and I would like to make a book on the history of Spruce.  I’m going to list owners of the property before us.  If anyone has any info, pictures of the past or pictures of customers at our restaurant we would like to include people as well, etc.  We would appreciate you reaching out to us.

-John Gammel purchased the land from the United States Government in 1848

- C.L. And Mary Efferding  ??

- Harry and Elizabeth Steichen 1923

- Clarence and Rosetta Wagner 1946

- Howard and Katherine Droessler 1959

- William and Zola McMahon 1972

- Jerry and Cleo Manning 1974

- Charles and Ruth Gassman 1976

- Randy and Lauri Feller 1984

- Wayne Pollock 1985

- Chris and Linda Frank January 1988 to present

Thank you again to all our employees, family and friends.  We appreciate each and every one of you.

Chris & Linda Frank or reach out to us on Facebook page,  Spruce Harbor Inn, Inc