And just like that, I wake up and it is 2019.  It was just the 1960s, right?

"Yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away...”

I can still remember the Stereo HiFi my family got for Christmas one year. How I loved that piece of furniture! You could stack up to 8 records that would automatically drop and play. You could play 33 and 1/3, 45s or listen to an AM or FM radio.  

I still remember trying to set the "needle" on the phonograph into the little track between songs (on an LP) to listen to favorites again. Radios in the house never seemed to work as well as car radios, where we cruised to the tunes from WLS in Chicago and I can't remember the other station, I think Little Rock, but I don't remember the call letters.

I remember Smith Brothers black and cherry cough drops, and teachers deciding they were candy rather than actual cough drops and banning them from the classroom.

I remember my brother using "Butch Wax" to give himself a "flattop" while I used "Dippity Do" and "Aqua Net" to maintain my bouffant hairdo.

I remember the little metal apparatus on the pencil that the librarian used that allowed her to write your name with the pencil and turn over and stamp the date that the book was due.

I remember decorative "knobs" that fastened to the steering wheel which helped to navigate turns as cars were big and did not have "power steering."  They also looked really cool.

A Chevy Corvette was my dream car and I vowed to have one someday  (I'm guessin' that's not very likely).

I wanted a big silver Christmas tree with a revolving color wheel aimed at it, but Mom and  Dad stuck to the traditional green one, saying that someday I could have a silver tree if I wanted in my own home (alas, desire for one waned by the time I had my own home along with the various animals I had yearned for).

  I remember the teen idols like Elvis and Ricky Nelson (my personal favorites)  Frankie Avalon, Paul Anka , Fabian and Paul McCartney of the Beatles.  

I was there to see the invention of "panty hose,"  one of the best inventions since sliced bread.

I wore clothing as varied as mini skirts and leather boots to bell bottoms to maxi dresses, platform shoes, tie dyed fabrics and love beads.

Guys wore paisley shirts and many let their hair grow.  In contrast, I had a "London cut," short except enough on top to backcomb to great heights.  Mom wore a hat known as a "pillbox," made famous by Jackie Kennedy.  She wore "Evening in Paris"  fragrance, not because she liked it but because that is what my brother gave her every year for Christmas.  Because that is the kind of Mom she was.  

I remember her wearing a really ugly "Shark teeth" looking necklace I gave her, too ( I realized it was ugly when looking back at old pictures and seeing that she had worn it on more than one occasion).

  We needed a "church key" to open our canned drink as there were no "tabs" yet.   A Polaroid camera was a new invention (I gave several of my granddaughters a mini version of this for Christmas this year).  Transistor radios were popular and some were even pocket sized.

  I can still remember some of the plot twists from "The Twilight Zone."  and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." And as much as I longed to see the episode in which the "one armed man" was caught and Dr. Richard Kimble, as "The Fugitive" was no longer on the run, I can not remember seeing the final episode.

  I loved to wallow in teen tragedy songs like "Teen Angel,"  "Last Kiss, ""Patches," "Tell Laura I love her," "Leader of the Pack," "Dead Man's Curve"  and "Ode to Billy Joe."

  I remember the assassination of JFK and  Martin Luther King,  I really paid little attention to the race riots, as living in sheltered Bellevue, I was far removed from them.  

  I watched guys I knew leave for Vietnam, wondering if they would be back.  The nightly news reported the number of losses each day and I hoped that no one that I knew was among them.

  I also saw the first man walk on the moon. Amazing.

   ..Oh, I believe in yesterday,"  although I still have not ascertained, "Where have all the flowers gone....?"