Loras Herrig

I read with interest the story recently printed about ATV and UTV riding on the streets of Bellevue. 

The story reported that there were 98 total votes in a survey. The survey was conducted with very little, if any promotion or news stories, so a very small percentage of the people and voters even knew about it.  In reviewing the city council minutes I would guess this was conducted as a result of a June 3, 2019 council meeting that was attended by representatives of the County ATV committee.  That’s just a guess because I don’t really remember much publicity about this issue.  I do remember the survey being published one time in the paper and also being posted on the city website. 

Back to the survey.  98 people responded.  49 people wanted an expansion to the entire city.  Zero wanted the ordinance to stay the same. 17 wanted the vehicles barred. So that means 49 wanted the expansion and 47 wanted it to stay the same or be eliminated.  That’s a two-vote margin in an extremely unscientific poll that was not highly publicized.

So, we got our 4-wheeler friends to fill out the survey and the rest of the town didn’t really understand or know about the issue! And yet, with a two vote margin, we are preparing the ordinance to open up the town and it will be ready in September. 

Might as well open the entire town up to snowmobiles too so everybody can use their expensive toys.  The story says it has been challenging for the police to enforce the current ordinance.  I didn’t hear that for 20 years and it would be nice to hear if the police department supports this change. 

Also, how are the 4-wheelers going to go to the businesses if they can’t drive on the state highways?  How long before we see them parked on Riverview?  One can only assume they will all be ticketed.

I encourage people to share their feelings on this before it’s too late.  And there is an election this fall.  Still time to take out papers.

Congratulations to Mayor Roger Michels for having common sense. I would recommend the City Council listen to him!

Loras Herrig


Editor’s Note: A total of three news stories appeared in the Bellevue Herald-Leader on the proposed ATV ordinance in recent weeks and months; as well as three paid advertisements, (including one that was nearly a full-page) that asked for input and included the survey that the writer above is  referring to.

Today’s story on the ATV issue, which starts on the front page, is the fourth story to appear in the paper on the topic (not to mention it being published in all legal notices concerning the city council when the topic came up).

It should also be noted that any new ordinance needs three readings before it becomes law. So if the townfolk do not want to allow ATVs on city streets, they have another opportunity to speak out.

We appreciate everyone’s opinion and encourage letters as well. Send them to dnamanny@bellevueheraldleader.com