It is a pity that accurate news does not get to Montana, as Russell Koppes is obviously not informed about how critical supplies like PPE, ventilators, and Covid-19 tests were actually procured by our east coast state governments.  

Our federal government under Trump did NOT take charge to see that vitally needed medical materials were sent where they were needed; instead, state governors were pitted into a bidding war against one another to get what was needed.  

In one situation a governor (Larry Hogan of Maryland) sneaked a planeload of Covid-19 tests from South Korea into a smaller airport for fear that the feds would confiscate them and they were put under guard.

Unlike Governor Cuomo, Donald Trump still does not have a nation-wide plan for coping with the coronavirus.  New York State is carefully re-opening the state to prevent a re-emergence of the virus.  

Meanwhile, Trump has trumpeted opening all the states too quickly, and now states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and many others are experiencing dire increases of Covid-19.  Now Trump wants to rush schools to re-open, which could result in the deaths of children, teachers and their families countrywide.

 Mr. Koppes is fortunate to live in Montana where the number of Covid-19 cases in the entire state is fewer than it is here in Jackson County.  

The United States has been hit harder by this coronavirus than any other country or region in the world all because of Donald Trump’s inability as a president.

Marilyn Schroeder

26263 Sieverding Ridge Road

Bellevue, Iowa 52031