It’s bad enough that Governor Reynolds refuses to enact policies to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Iowa.

Now she prevents others from doing so.

She and Attorney General Tom Miller say local authorities can’t do what she is refusing to do, even though all Muscatine Mayor Diana Broderson did was make mandatory what the Governor claims she is strongly encouraging.

So what’s the problem?

The Governor is wishy-washy about COVID-19 prevention measures like no masking or shelter in place requirements, but she’s adamant on actions that put Iowans at risk, like forcing meatpacking plants to stay open without protections or stomping down on officials who actually care about their citizens.

The Governor should do what experts and public health officials recommend, and what the governors of 20 other states have done: require masking in public venues.

If you agree, contact Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and sign the petition at

Tom Rendon

Des Moines