For the upcoming election, I fully endorse and highly recommend the citizens of Jackson County vote for Brent Kilburg as their next Sheriff. Brent has extraordinary leadership skills, and an extensive law enforcement background.

I met Brent Kilburg almost a decade ago as we served together in the United States Army Military Intelligence community. During my time spent with Brent, I personally observed his compassion towards others and his innate ability to help people in need.

As a prior law enforcement official from a large metropolitan Police Department, I feel Brent is a person that would maintain an atmosphere conducive to the well-being of all citizens. With Brent’s extensive law enforcement background, coupled with his masterful analytical abilities, I have seen him make a positive impact in any community he gets involved with.

I know Brent Kilburg is a pillar in the community as he has served all aspects of his life honorably.  If Jackson County is looking for a Sheriff that conducts himself with the upmost sense of standards and service, then Brent Kilburg is what you are seeking. If the citizens of Jackson County are looking for a leader that puts all others before himself, and acts in a manner that portrays the highest level of professionalism and integrity, then I recommend they vote for Brent Kilburg as their next Sheriff.

Ajay Patel

Retired New York City Police Detective

Corpus Christi, TX