Abby Finkenauer  has been working hard as our representative in the U. S. House.  She deserves our vote on November 3.

Abby is the youngest woman in the history of the House (age3 0) to sponsor a bill that cleared the House and moved to the Senate.  Her bill would help small businesses compete for government contracts and research grants.  Iowa has many small businesses that are struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

That bill, along with 172 other bills that she sponsored or cosponsored, validates her as a hard-working legislator to retain her seat in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

 Abby has shown her willingness to work across the aisle  with her fellow Republicans.  Of the 172 bills she has sponsored or co-sponsored, fifty of them were with Republicans.  In June she announced that there would be $58.2 million in federal grants for northeastern Iowa airports.

 “The grants will provide a much-needed boost to Iowa’s infrastructure” said Congresswoman Finkenauer, who serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

 It is essential that northeastern Iowans vote to keep Abby in Congress when they vote on November 3rd.


Marilyn Schroeder