Tom Meyer


Bellevue Community Schools Superintendent

Why build a new elementary school? Here are three main reasons.


Lack of safe off-street “drop-off” and “pick up” areas for parents and school transportation

Safety issues for fire, intruder, and similar emergency situations.

Recess on a public street next to a state highway.



Elimination of multiple classrooms due to fire codes and safety issue (basement, upstairs music room areas)

Addition of over 8 needed educational rooms in the last several years

4 Preschool rooms

2 Special Education rooms

Reading Intervention room

Art room

STEM room (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math - Makerspace)

Non-Compliance with the American Disabilities Act for accessibility

Special Education Room



Locker Rooms

Music/Stage area

Doorways in gym area

More students = More space needed

2013-2014 Enrollment in PK-5th Grade was 319 students

2018-2019 Enrollment in PK-5th Grade was 364 students


Energy Efficiency (Cost-Savings)

Inefficient boiler heating system

A high-efficiency boiler is $125,000 - $165,000, plus another $1.6 - $1.8 million to update piping and to meet codes.

Lack of heat/No heat in some areas of the building

Gym/Stage/Music Room

Radiator use (safety concern)


Where will the new building be located?

 The new Bellevue Elementary will be located on land the district purchased east of the current Bellevue MS/HS campus area near the softball diamond. Access to the area would be through the current areas utilized by the school district.


Why a new school, and not renovate the current building?

Costs of renovating the current building would be approximately $18 million according to construction group estimates. Additionally, estimates to purchase/lease “trailers” for elementary classrooms, utility hookups, drop-off and pick-up areas for students, parking areas, etc. is estimated at over $1 million. This also has a negative impact on the education of students, for a time which would likely span over two years.


What will happen to the current

elementary building?

 Multiple architectural groups specializing in historical renovations have shown a significant interest in the building. Renovations would be required to reflect community interests and needs based on the district establishing guidelines for the purchase which would need to be implemented.


Costs of the proposed new Bellevue Elementary building: Revised proposal for April 2019

(56,000 square feet)   $14.5 million


Monthly Tax Impact

Residential Property    

Assessed Value                                       

$100,000                            $16.27                       

$150,000                            $25.16                       

$200,000                            $34.06                       

$250,000                            $42.95                       

$350,000                            $60.74                       


Commercial Property

 Assessed Value                     

$50,000                             $14.06                       

$75,000                             $21.09                       

$100,000                            $28.13                 

$150,000                            $42.19                       

$250,000                            $70.31                       


Ag Land

Acres – Assessed Value                                           

160 acres                           $53.24                       

240 acres                           $79.86                       

320 acres                           $106.48                      

500 acres                           $166.38                      

1000 acres                          $332.76