Geoffrey Kaiser


Marquette Catholic Prinicipal

The Days of Summer

When the days aren’t quite as hot as they’ve been, I like to open the window to my office to hear the sounds of a Bellevue summer.  Cole Park is alive with laughter.  I hear a child call out “cannonball” just before he jumps into the pool.  The sounds of bats cracking as teams practice and play is a regular reminder that summer is in full swing; and although school isn’t in session, children are learning.

They learn to be brave as they attempt new maneuvers from the diving board or when they step up to the plate as the final opportunity to keep a game from ending.  Our children are learning to be more independent as parents set times to check-in but allow bikes to roam our streets or as teenagers see how far new driving privileges can take them.  Summer is a time for exploration, self-discovery, and for developing friendships.  We, too, remember how much the children of our communities learn from the example of our residents.

Fortunately, there are things that seem to be ‘the way of life’ here.  Here, we say hello to just about everyone – even if it is just a two-finger wave when passing by a familiar vehicle.  We are grateful for the men and women who serve our country or put their lives in danger to protect our communities (something that doesn’t happen everywhere).  We are small town boys and girls that dream big.  When tragedy strikes, as it does too often, we’re quick to bring a hot meal, say a heartfelt prayer, or be a true friend.  We celebrate our independence by living in gratitude for the chance to live here – alive and free – along the majestic Mississippi.

Falling Into the New

Working at a Catholic School reminds me that I too often take these things for granted.  I ground myself during school Masses as we are reminded that we are all children of God.  Each of us has unique gifts and talents.  Each of us works to understand our potential.  Still, each of us has room to grow.

In this truth, I’m reminded of the profound work of our schools.  Our mission is to help children develop their talents, to bring young adults to understand that nothing is impossible with God, and to help children grow in a world that continues to change.  

Marquette will introduce a Catholic Leaders Program in the high school this year designed to inspire the leaders of our future to begin their work today while also better understanding their faith and the faith of others.  Younger grades will benefit from a special virtues education program and from teachers with a refined focus on writing.  Our popular “Family Fun Days” will continue to bring our entire school together during scheduled afternoons throughout the year as students come together as companions.  Also this year, Marquette is happy to announce that we’ll have two full-time kindergarten teachers as the class of 2032 is too large for one!

The Spring in the Step

Now, for the second straight year, Marquette is being recognized as a top-30 Advanced Placement (AP) school in the state; allowing us to offer the opportunity for college credits in classes taught by Marquette teachers in a variety of subjects.  The graduating class of 2019 earned more than $800,000 in accepted scholarships (averaging more than $37,000 per graduate!).  The 22 seniors also averaged an outstanding 25.63 average on the ACT.  

Not only does this outperform state and national averages but the average ACT score for a Marquette student should fall at the 80th percentile of the 1.5 million students that take the test annually if this year's data prove similar to previous years.  

We're also proud of our graduates that are doing amazing things across the world.  Just a few recent examples: Tanner Scheckel and Jaelyn Theisen recorded and released an original music album together.  Marissa Schroeder will be representing the United States at a basketball tournament in Brazil this summer.  As a pitcher for Navy Softball, Gabby Tath helped lead her team to two National Titles.  Louren Kilburg was named the Student of the Year at the University of Northern Iowa.  The list goes on and on...

We have small school students that dream big.  This is just a way of life and these are just a few examples, because we know that when students that are challenged to strive to be academic leaders, responsible contributors, and active Christian stewards, they will become those things.  If the ultimate goal is Heaven, our work on earth should be spent bringing God's kingdom to others - these accomplishments are stepping stones along the way.

Although Marquette’s registration day has passed, there is still time to come and see our school.  We believe every family should have the opportunity to experience Marquette.  

Call to schedule a tour--we’d love to show you around.  Until then, let the sounds of summer ring out loud as the school bells will ring again soon.