As we go here and there around town, we can’t help not notice the political signs showing up in the yards. I have a couple myself. I would say 99 percent of folks in Bellevue are Christian. We believe in Jesus.

But when I see these fellow Christians with signs in their yards supporting people who run for office saying, “I will support killing unborn babies and your taxes make it happen,” I could go on and on, for example, freedom of religion or conscience, if a doctor or nurse or hospital doesn’t want to participate in killing unborn babies or the old, they be sued and forced to do so.

Protection of marriage, one man and one woman.

The signs in the yards supporting these Democrats make me wonder if we believe in the same Jesus. Or did I miss something somewhere?

I know there are other issues, but the ones I mentioned are intrinsically evil and can’t be denied or negotiated.

Mother Teresa said, “The nation that kills their children cannot survive.

Don and Lucille Usher