As the Sheriff of Clinton County, I am supporting Steve Schroeder to be the next Sheriff of Jackson County. Steve and I both were deputy sheriffs coming up through the ranks over our tenure in our respective agencies. During that time, we both learned all aspects of the job. Just as important, we connected with the people in the community in which we served.

A sheriff’s office is unique from a police department in that the head of the agency is elected by the people. We perform many of the same functions as a police department such as patrol, investigations and traffic enforcement. But we also have additional responsibilities. These are operating the jail, service of civil papers, transporting of people on mental health and substance abuse pick up orders, providing security of the courts and many more unique duties. Steve Schroeder, as the Chief Deputy for Jackson County, has experience in these areas.

The Clinton and Jackson County Sheriff’s Offices have had an excellent working relationship over my 36-year career. If either agency needs assistance, the other one was quick to respond. If Jackson County needed an extra jail bed, Clinton County would hold the inmate for them.

I have known Steve Schroeder for many years and I respect his ability as a professional law enforcement officer. Building on his military service before being hired as a deputy sheriff, Steve has spent his adult life in service to his fellow citizens. In Steve’s position as chief deputy, he has been second in command at the sheriff’s office. This gave Steve the experience in budgeting, jail management and human resources.

I believe Steve Schroeder to be the best candidate to be the next Jackson County Sheriff.

Rick Lincoln, Sheriff

Clinton County, Iowa