Once again, on September 11, we are being asked to approve a $9.95 million bond issue for Easton Valley Schools. And again, I feel a no vote is proper. The school has over $1 million per year coming in from other taxes already.

The 33 cent PPEL tax the state allows is $84,862. The $1.34 PPEL taz approved by voters is $344,598. The 1 percent sales tax usage approved by voters is $583,569. The 4 percent income surtax that was not approved by voters is $133,988. The total of these is $1,147,017.

They need to work with the money they have. The last time they asked for this much money, they projected a $2.70 per thousand increase on our property taxes. Again I ask you to vote no.


Allan Ketelsen

Rural Sabula