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First off, I want to thank everyone who voted. Whether it was a yes or a no vote, I am glad at the turnout. Of course I wanted it to be a different outcome, but now we regroup and do what’s best.

Now that we have survived two special elections for bond referendums, I wanted to share some thoughts.  I offer no comments on the merits of the issue but found the following interesting.

Thank you Tom Meyer and the facilities committee for hosting the August 1 informational meeting on our Bellevue grade school building project. It was a good process of sharing information and feedback. 

Once again, on September 11, we are being asked to approve a $9.95 million bond issue for Easton Valley Schools. And again, I feel a no vote is proper. The school has over $1 million per year coming in from other taxes already.

As a lifelong Bellevue resident I am really disappointed in the controversy and division that I have observed with the two special elections in our county and school district.  

I love this town. This town is my home, in a way no other place on earth could be. I love the way the caretakers who came before us have taken so much pride in making it this wonderful home. The generations before us who said, “You buy the highest quality you can afford, because it needs to last.”

By now everyone is aware of the inadequacy of the Elementary School facility and the need for improvement.  The question being, is that improvement best accomplished by adding on and refurbishing the current facility or to build new.  Personally, I prefer updating the present facility for co…

I am writing this letter to exhibit some important input from our community’s youth concerning the upcoming Bellevue Elementary School Bond Referendum. Most of my peers cannot vote yet; however we feel that our generation should have a voice to support provision for Bellevue’s future. Some r…

In regard to the proposed elementary school building, I have heard many comments and read multiple posts both on line and in the paper. Almost everyone agrees that the current elementary building does need to be replaced but some have an issue with the rendering of the potential school that …