I have known Steve Schroeder since shortly after he would have started working with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.  He has 34 years of law enforcement experience, with most of it at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

When Steve graduated from high school, he chose to join the Army and do his part to serve his country.  While doing so, he received his first real taste of law enforcement.  Like many of us, after completing his military service, he chose to come home to Jackson County to work, raise a family and become an active member of your community.

Steve joined the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and was prepared to start giving back to the community.  He has always been a people-first person.  He has a personality that allows him to work with others.  Throughout all the changes of the past two Sheriff’s in Jackson County, as well as the constant changes within our profession, Steve was able to grow and adapt to those changes to become a leader from within the Sheriff’s Office as well as within your community.

In working with the current Sheriff, some of the changes Steve has been involved in include improving working conditions by continuing to introduce training, new equipment, and technology.  He has worked in many different areas of law enforcement such as the narcotics task force, researching and implementation of the electronic monitoring of inmates, the jail expansion project, courthouse security, working within the community schools and building a knowledge of fiscal responsibility.

Steve worked hard to help the public understand the law enforcement needs within the community.  He also felt it was important for him to involve himself with other groups and organizations that were also interested in building a stronger community.

Steve Schroeder grew up in this community, returned to this community after serving his country; he has physically and mentally continued to give back to the community he and his family have so loved all these years.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work together with the past and current Sheriff.  I have always had positive experiences and enjoyed the opportunity to work with them.

Steve Schroeder has proved to be a great leader in the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and within your community.  Get out there to vote and give Steve Schroeder the support required to make him the next Jackson County Sheriff!

Ken Runde, Retired Dubuque County Sheriff and Retired US Marshal/Northern Iowa