Every year that passes, the liberals, progressives, Democrats and some Republicans keep destroying our Constitution and freedom. They keep pushing America towards socialism. Socialism is what our founders took us from to give us our Constitution and freedom.

Most all public officials take an oath to defend the Constitution  - even the military. Anyone who has read my letters for close to 20 years knows I have talked about socialism, Cloward and Piven high jacking our educational system in the ‘60s through socialism with communist George Soros putting millions and millions of dollars to push the socialism agenda.

 Look at the four new Democrat Congresswomen they call ‘the Squad.’ They are all for anti American, socialist, global warming and some for Sharia Law. This is more and more your Democratic Party.

Most all the Presidential candidates are with them. Some of the Democratic platform: socialism, big government, sanctuary cities, one world order, kill born alive abortion babies, open borders, abolish ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), de-fund the military, take away guns, weaken the economy, defend illegal aliens, provide free health care for illegals and remove the Electoral College are just some.

Is  this the future you want for your children?

Right now, Trump has 25 percent of the federal Judges appointed to the federal courts to save our Constitution and freedoms. If Hillary would have gotten into office it would be more one world order and socialistic judges.

I thank God we finally have a President that is for the Constitution, less government, individual rights and freedom. He is mostly a Constitutional Conservative just like Rod Blum was.

Rod fought for term limits, cut spending, balance budget  and more. He even went against his own party. But he gets voted out of office!

 But I do believe that there is still enough people yet that still love America and freedom that Trump will win without a problem with the candidates that are running. But I wouldn't be surprised if Michelle Obama would run. A lot of people would vote for her because she is a woman, plus a black woman, even though she is a socialist.

Trump has been fighting the Democrats, most all the media and some Republicans since elected. The Swamp knows they have to keep pushing impeachment on all these false stories about him.

They have to keep brain washing people that he is bad for America so they can get him out of office to keep their Socialistic agenda going.

The biggest thing is do your own homework. What are the principles and values you hold when voting? Not what party!

I hope Trump can find enough honest people to bring all these swamp people to justice. There will be a lot of them with some Republicans.  

Jim Budde