After listening to our ex-President Trump over the past year, he once used the phrase ‘herd mentality.’ Most people assumed he mispoke and meant to say ‘herd immunity.’ This is where two to four million Americans die before the herd becomes immune. This was a very bad idea.

Since the ex-President never lied, misled or mispoke (just ask him), he must have meant to say herd mentality.

Having worked in the stockyards at the Dubuque Packing Company, I saw herd mentality in its most basic form. You crack the whip and the herd leaves the pen and goes into a cale to be weighed. You then open a gate and crack the whip and the herd goes into a holding pen to mingle. No social distancing here. (Kind of like the Trump rallies).

You then open another gate amd crack the whip where the herd goes down a long aisle that narrows at the end. You then have one’s pig nose following the pigs’ butt in front of them. I won’t describe what happens at the end of this aisle, let’s call it Washington D.C. (After a day or two, the herd becomes hot dogs, balony (ex President Trump), ham, (ex-Vice President Pence), pork chops (Mitch McConnell), bacon (Joni Ernst), sausage (Lindsey Graham), etc.

Both parties use this tactic. The Democcratic leaders crack their whip and the Republican herd follows.

We the people need common sense and common decency to govern us, not herd mentality. I realize my generation will never change this tactic, they’ve been kissing the pig’s butt for as long as I can remember.

This is a message for the future generations. When you hear the crack of the whip, make sure you’re not following a pig’s butt. Don’t be afraid to break from the herd. You will feel better about yourself.

Make America Work Again.

Bring the jobs back to America, Make our elected officials work for we the people, not the big money interests that lurk behind  the doors in Washington D.C.

There is an old saying, ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ and we are seeing this in our political system. We need to change this.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our families and friends who are social distancing for the holiday season. Be safe, be patient and try not to become a patient.

Larry Doland