As a grandparent, I want to know my grandkids’ future is a priority for our lawmakers. That starts with making our state a healthier place to live.

This year, the Iowa Legislature has an opportunity to do just that by passing a recently introduced cigarette tax increase.

Tobacco claims thousands of Iowans’ lives every year, and too many kids are still expected to grow up and become smokers.  Recent estimates say that a $1.50 tobacco tax increase could keep 12,900 young people from ever becoming addicted to tobacco and prevent 8,800 premature deaths.

If a tax increase could keep just one kid from ever picking up a cigarette, it’d be worth it to me. But knowing it could help thousands of kids makes this a no-brainer. I’d like to thank Rep. Andy McKean for co-sponsoring HF467 and leading the effort to create a healthier future for our kids. I’m asking all lawmakers to join him in supporting a tobacco tax increase.

Marie Rossmann, Preston, IA

 Volunteer,  American Cancer

Society Cancer Action Network