As an Independent, I vote for the candidate rather than the party.  Andy McKean has earned my vote as a Republican and as a Democrat, as well.  I know Andy and I know him to be one of those rare people who will not stray from his core beliefs and that he believes in the people of Iowa and Jones County.  Anyone who knows Andy and his wife Connie also know that they demonstrate in the way that they live their lives that they are principled people.  In judging which candidates, I support-I ask myself if their rhetoric matches the way they live their lives.  In Andy’s case the answer is a resounding yes!

Andy’s character show who he is and has always been.  He has the courage to stand apart and alone if necessary to uphold those same principles that have been his North Star.

Andy’s values are Iowans values.  The same core values that have seen generations of Iowans through hard times and times of prosperity.  The ethics Andy practices endure…Honesty, integrity, helping our neighbors, perseverance and courage with an extra helping of kindness and understanding.  That’s the Iowa that I pray continues.

Andy has represented us well for many years with a strong and steady hand.  I only wish there were many more like him for which I could proudly cast my vote!

Deb Patnode

Anamosa, IA 52205