On Feb. 29, 2020, I wrote a letter to the editor about the impending close of the dialysis unit at the Maquoketa Hospital (Jackson County Regional Health Center) and how it was so important to have in Maquoketa for the local patients.

I was very, very saddened and had tears when I talked to one of the local technicians at Maquoketa Dialysis under Quad City Kidney this morning and she told me that the Maquoketa Unit would be closing here the end of this month. She said she was also heartbroken for the ones who would have to travel to Dubuque, Clinton, or Rock Island at least three times a week and now bad weather season approaching.

It is very, very sad that this had to happen when I feel the local hospital could have at least supplied a space at the new hospital so that this could have continued under the direction of the Quad City Kidney organization. My late husband was on dialysis nearly eight years so I know how precious those eight years were to him, me and our family! That is why I am so passionate about this!

It all came down to the “All Mighty Dollar” and not worth even one life given respect and dignity and treatment. God will be the judge in the end.

Mrs. Ronald Heinrich