Tom Meyer


Superintendent Bellevue School District

No School. No activities. No contact with friends. No going out to eat after an event. What is next? I do not know.

These are uncharted waters for the nation in many ways, let alone for schools across Iowa. Education is something I believe we often take for granted in our society, along with the ability to go to events and to see our youth perform on stage, the field, or the court.

What can we do? First of all, do what the state and the nation are asking: Social distance yourself from others as both students and adults. For students, it is not just a “snow day” to go out with friends. Additionally, wash your hands, cover your cough, and practice other safeguards we should already be doing to stay healthy!

Because we are in the midst of our school closure until Monday, April 13, think about what you could do with this time for learning. As a student or an adult, being limited in social activities and gatherings can be troubling for many of us. Some things we can include in our days are: taking time to investigate personal interests, explore passions, build or create projects, fix or improve your home, begin a workout routine, read books, but most importantly DO something.

This is not the time to take four weeks (or more) to empty your refrigerator, see how many movies/series on Netflix you can binge, spend hours each day on electronic devices, playing games or messaging friends continuously, or sleep 12 hours a day.

Value the time you have with family, and learn together. Share your learning with others, and have meaningful conversations about what you have read or learned through your time being engaged in life. Challenge yourself with the opportunities