Andy McKean has played many roles in our lives over the years we have known him.  When we needed legal assistance, he listened to our needs while asking questions to fully understand the situation.  After careful consideration, he would offer the guidance and service that we found to be very helpful.  We came to appreciate his honesty, integrity and most importantly his friendship.  Andy has shown us he is very committed to the needs of his Constituents by serving on and being active in many committees in the state legislature.  His involvement in issues such as fiscal responsibility, mental health, workforce development, campaign reform, public safety and rural economic development are some of the areas he has worked tirelessly on.  How these issues affect and improve our quality of life is very important to Andy.  We are thankful and proud to have Andy and his wife Connie as friends.

As Winston Churchill said, “we must not forget what votes are.  Votes are the means by which the poorest people in the country and all the people in the country can make sure that they get their vital needs attended to.”  Please make sure you vote either in person or by absentee ballot.  We support Andy and encourage you to vote for him.  His priority is working for you and improving your quality of life.

Jack and Holly Parmer

3247 Hwy 62

Maquoketa, IA