After watching Donald for the last few years brings back childhood memories.  When I was a young boy back in the ‘60s Bellevue kids didn’t really have a lot of money.  We would get 6 or 8 kids together to play ball at Cole Park.  One of the richer kids’ parents would buy him a bat and ball.  On one occasion the rich kid said he was safe, the other kids said he was out.  The rich kid pouted and took his bat and ball and went home.  The rest of us kids continued playing with rocks and sticks.  We still played the game and had lots of fun. Looks to me like Donald has taken his bat and ball and gone home.  The game will go on without him and we will get by.  Hopefully, America will get back to fun and games.  We do not need a pouting rich kid as our president.

Larry Doland