2020 Jackson County Caucus

In Bellevue’s Precinct 1, caucus goers on Feb. 3 chose Pete Buttigieg (43) and Amy Klobuchar (30) as their top choice for the Democrat Presidential nominee, while Joe Biden (28) and Elizabeth Warren (23) were third and fourth respectively in this river town.

According to delayed state caucus results, Pete Buttigieg of Indiana won the Iowa Democratic caucus Monday night, earning about 27% voter approval. Bernie Sanders came in second at 26%, followed by Elizabeth Warren with 18% and Joe Biden with 16% caucus approval.

Buttigieg carried Jackson County as well. However, Biden came in second, with Warren and Amy Klobuchar basically tied for third place in the county. Iowa caucus results were delayed due to a computer coding glitch in an app the Iowa Democratic Party was using to input and record candidate preference totals.