This viewpoint has accrued in my mind as a political candidate for local, state, federal offices over the last twenty years of my life.  

None of the people we have elected at all levels of government has shown any true interest in keeping the “size and scope” of government in check.

This is the first letter to the editor that I have sent to any newspaper calling out any of these people in person. In this letter, I’m singling out Jackson County Supervisor Mike Steines, who has not shown enough concern about government spending and debt.

It is time that “we the people” elect people who truly care about this issue!

These politicians are self-serving and don’t want to cut government spending anywhere for any reason. They are going to ruin our economy by destroying the value of our dollar. These questions are what we must ask the politicians when they are up for re-election.

It is time to vote in true “blue collar conservatives” at all levels of government.

Darren D. White