The three Bellevue Community Cupboards are stocked and ready for residents to come and take food when they need it and leave food for others when they can.  

With cold winter weather setting in, citizens may find the need to supplement their food and household supplies as heat and electric fees increase.

The Bellevue Community Cupboard project is a ministry of the community of Bellevue and First Presbyterian Church.  

The Cupboard mission is to share the abundance of resources in our community so that everyone can enjoy life a little more.  

It operates under the tenant of ‘Take what you need, Leave what you can.’

Everyone finds that once in a while they run short of something; food, toiletries, cleaning products and can’t get to the store at that time or have financial need.  Items in the cupboards are there for anyone to take.  

Citizens are also urged to donate non-expired items from your home cupboards or when you find a good sale on food and basic household supplies.

Put donations in any of the three cupboards any time or drop them off at First Presbyterian Church, 305 Market Street on Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Citizens in need of larger quantities of food or emergency household/food assistance should call Chuck Ernst (Bellevue Bread Basket) 563-879-3438, Mike Roth (Bellevue Bread Basket) 563-495-4006 or Pastor Shannon Witt (First Presbyterian Church) 563-542-6080

Meg Baugh