Being a Bellevue native and now living in northwest Iowa, I can tell you closing the pool is a terrible idea.

I would never allow my children to ride their bikes on the bike path to Off Shore. When I was in town for Heritage Days, I noticed how close the path is to the highway.

What will it take for the city council to realize this plan is asinine? One kid falling off their bike and getting hit? Not to mention all of the strangers camping and staying at the hotel. Should the public pool be closed? Absolutely not.

Where I live in the far northwest corner of Iowa, all small towns have nice, small pools. My current town is 1,300 people, and we have an old pool, but we also have a kiddie pool that is 1-3 inches deep and no lifeguard on duty within the kiddie pool area – an adult must accompany.

There is another even smaller town 10 minutes away that has a zero depth entry section, a diving board, and a slide. There are other towns that have splash pads in their city parks and are free of charge to use.

If small towns out here can have small, family friendly pools, why can't Bellevue?

It’s extremely sad that a bond can't get passed for a new elementary school when it’s a huge need for the children, but now they are also being robbed of the one fun thing they can easily access.

What is Bellevue doing to keep young families in the community and to encourage more to move in?

From my perspective, nothing. I'd love to move back, but why would I when my kids have full access to great pools and splash pads here, and we passed a $35 million new elementary school bond on the first vote.

When is Bellevue going to do better and be a “children first” community? Such a beautiful town should be doing all it can for the children who live there.

Come on Bellevue, you can do better!

Heather Hofmeyer

Alton, Iowa