What is Capitalism and Socialism?

I had three students ask 50 Bellevue Marquette Catholic and Bellevue Public High School students if they knew what they meant, and the difference between the two. They found that around 60 percent knew what Capitalism was, around 45 percent knew what Socialism was and the difference between the two.

I don't know what the Iowa educational curriculum is, but I do believe that when it comes to true American History, every student should know the difference between the two before they graduate.

I believe that every student should do a book report on the '5,000 Year Leap.'  Most major colleges push Socialism. Cloward and Piven started pushing Socialism back in the ‘60s. They knew this would be the best way to hijack Capitalism and Freedom.

Socialist George Soros is the main Billionaire  that is putting a lot of his money into groups and the Democratic Party to push Socialism. The Democratic Party uses the book 'Rules for Radicals' by Alinsky on how to create a Socialist State for most of their agenda which includes Socialism, pro abortion, big government, anti-gun, higher taxes, open borders, anyone can vote, anti-police/ICE, illegal immigrants, more than two genders, God and the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools and globalism.

 A US News Poll in 2016 shows that 31 percent of Democrats ages 18 to 26 favor Socialist Bernie Sanders and then Obama at 18 percent. But the same Democrats favored Socialism over Capitalism by 58 percent.

  Once Venezuela was one of the most richest and stable countries in the region. Look what Venezuela has become now that they turned to Socialism. 87 percent are in poverty and eating out of trash cans. Sometimes they wait up to 6 hours for a sack of flour.  In 2007, 100 Bolivar would buy 288 eggs. Today it would buy  you 1/5th of a egg or 500 Bolivar to buy one egg.

The Freedom of the World 2017 Index rated Venezuela 179th out of 180th in poverty - right after Cuba and just ahead of North Korea. The capital is a gun free zone and is the murder capital of the world.  

Socialism has never worked and will never work. Our Founders took us away from Socialism and gave us Freedom so every individual could try and be the best they can  be.

These are some of the things Blum is fighting for or bills he has sponsored: term limits, balance the Federal Budget, no pay raise for Congress, lifetime ban on lobbing for former Congress members, cut Congressional pay until budget is balanced and other things to try to keep our freedom and individual rights.

If you want to keep our Constitution and Freedom, I hope you will vote for Rod Blum. He has shown he is about people before party.  His first vote was to remove Republican John Boehner from House Speaker.

Blum has gotten 65.7 percent of his contributions from District 1, 28.1 percent from out of State.

Abby has gotten 8.2 percent of her contributions from District 1, 81.7 percent from out of State

 Trump has to have conservative Republicans in office if we want to keep America heading in the Constitutional Freedom Direction especially when it is for the Supreme Court.

 If you don't believe in Socialism, I hope you will look at the person not the party for the Future of America and our children.   

Jim Budde