After attending two meetings on the proposed new grade school for Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade, I think that a cost of $14.5 million is ridiculous.

According to their projections, they need 8,821 square feet more room to a total of 24, four more than present.     

In my opinion, $14.5 million is a lot of money for 8,819 square feet. It looks like they left things go to pot so they could say a new school is needed. I ask, won’t a new school need maintenance, new roof, furnace, sprinklers, etc.?

They didn’t put in for a grant to fix up what is there now. They said the taxpayers would have to match the million dollar grant, but wouldn’t $2 million go a long way in bringing the present building up to the so-called code?

They definitely do need four more classrooms. They could be built on the south side of the present gym, and wouldn’t have to build a new gym or lunch room. There is plenty of room.

They could even close off the street if needed. The water, sewer, electricity are all there, and the fire department, police department and library are all within a block.

The proposed 56,000 square feet, minus the 36,419 square feet, minus what they have, minus the 8,810 square feet they need leaves 10,762 square feet of excess room. What is that for?

The present school is within walking distance for a lot of students. If they build out west, they would all have to be picked up by bus as some on the north end are now.

The proposed plan calls for two stories. This will require steps (which they are now growling about at the present building).

In the new plans, there are only two exits on the second floor – which could be a bigger fire trap than what they claim is there now with the current building.

I can’t see that those who have kids enrolled in St. Joseph’s and Marquette High School would want to pay for two schools.

There has to be a lot more planning and accountability before I can even think of voting for this $14.5 million boondoggle.

Roger Keil