Veterans Day

My mother, Euliane Hartwig, USAF 1st Lieutenant 1955-1960, wrote this poem in 1989. Hartwig now resides in Bellevue.

    Come side with me

    All you heroes of old

    Instill in me courage

    Teach me to be bold    

    Give me the lecture

    “To thine own self be true”

    Strengthen my backbone

    Let me copy you

    Tell of the torments

    A coward must bear

    Show me the joys

    Of those who would dare

    I want to be brave

    I want to stand tall

    I want to go forward

    Though I stumble and fall

    But mostly I’d like

    That peace in my heart

    From doing what’s right

    If not very smart

    Oh, I must conquer fear

    Before I grow old

    I must pass the test

    Before GOD I behold

    So come to me Heroes

    Come to my aid

    Shout to me often

    “Be not afraid”


Submitted by her Proud, Honored and Loving daughter Laurie Noel