Thank You

Appreciation and thanks  for the Bellevue High School students.

The world has been pretty ‘topsy-turvy’ lately, but there is certainly hope for it!

 The other day, three wonderful smart guys from BHS came to my rescue when I screwed up my computer.  They also did several other little favors.

Thanks to Toby, Kyle and Andrew!

 Then yesterday, six BHS students raked my abundance of leaves. They said there were six groups raking leaves at about 40 houses!

My special Thanks to Andrew, Sally, Briana, Ryan, Cheyenne and Haley and the rest of the bunch that worked so diligently on leaves!

 If the Leaders of our country were half as great and smart, there would be no problems in America that couldn’t be fixed.

 I know the world will be in good hands in the future with people like these!

I know that Bellevue is lucky to have such smart, great kids.

 A big thank you to all of Bellevue and Marquette kids for their “Giving: and “Making A Difference Day”; Comets and Marquette Schools!


A grateful recipient,

Dorothy Felderman