Residents of the Bellevue Community School District will be asked to vote in regard to extending the PPEL on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. This vote is NOT to increase the levy nor would it raise taxes. It would keep the voted PPEL levy the same as it is now and not raise the tax rate.

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During a recent conversation with a friend she mentioned to me, “I left a really nice school for this,” referring to Bellevue Elementary. They had flexible furniture with an open concept, safe pick-up and drop-off areas. She shared a video with me about a new school that spoke of the drastic…

According to local historian and Young Museum coordinator Susan Lucke, a correction should be made concerning the caption in an old photo that accompanied a story on the old Button Factory (New Welcome Center) building that appeared on page 28 of last week’s Herald-Leader.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch many of our city council proceedings of late, and I am concerned that there has been no discussion regarding the Sentinel’s request for the body cam footage from our police department.

The State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries (SAPIC) will hold their quarterly meeting at the Hurstville Interpretive Center on Oct. 12, 2019.      

Forgive me, George Stone, but I consider Jim McAndrew the most famous baseball player born in Lost Nation, Iowa.

The B&C Lawn Care advertisement in last week’s Fall Home Improvement section incorrectly listed Corey Driscoll as a contact for the business. Driscoll is now affiliated with K&K Lawn Care. We apologize for the error.

The Bellevue Bread Basket would like to thank the Realtors Association of Bellevue and the Community for the food drive held at Bender’s Food.

With tax bills being sent out a few weeks ago, county auditor Alisa Smith urged residents to look at the “power of the tax receipt.”

I have a few questions concerning the recent story on the Green Island Wildlife Area by DNR staff, in particular Mr. Curt Kemmerer.  I am using this platform because I'm sure there are other folks out there with the same questions, and I would ask Mr. Kemmerer if he would kindly clear up a c…

Jackson County will gate and lock a rural Sabula road that has long been a “magnet for criminal activity,” in the words of neighboring landowner David Schrody.

According to the Wednesday, August 14, 2019, Maquoketa Sentinel-Press, the Hurstville Interpretive Center was built on donated land and financed by grants and donations. I suspect that a perusal of the Conservation Board’s projects over the years will find other places and times where they r…

I am irritated and annoyed with the extended media coverage and opinions of the assistant County Attorney situation and the Sheriff’s department. Overkill might be a better term to use.

  The newspaper and social media were abuzz with photos of kids heading out on their first day of the school year a few weeks ago. I love seeing how kids have grown and declaring what they want to be when they grow up on their little slates.

What started as a fundraising effort this past April has culminated this past week with raising enough money to start the project with the resurfacing of the tennis court at Cole park along with adding nets and posts for four Pickleball courts. We hope to have this done yet this fall.

I just looked at a recent Bellevue paper and read the letter to the editor that Tom Draus had in the paper about how in his opinion, America should have open arms to refugees and  illegal immigrants.

Board members for the Community Foundation of Jackson County have approved a new strategic plan that emphasizes enhanced community impact through grantmaking and asset-building, focusing on the areas of greatest need in order to strengthen the community in the long term.

At the Bellevue City Council Meeting on August 12, 2019, Mayor Roger Michels declared September as National Senior Center Month in Bellevue. This year’s theme is “The Key to Aging Well.” The mayor came to the Bellevue Senior Meal Site on Tuesday, August 13, to personally share the news and r…

One night before the little league season ended, I was sitting on my deck and kind of half watching a baseball game that was being played on one of the diamonds at Ensign.  A mom approached her son in the dugout with a bottle of water.  

Throughout its history, Iowa has been a place where women break barriers. Time after time, Iowa women have shown if they set their minds to something, work hard and believe in themselves, they can accomplish anything.

Another graduating class exited the Bellevue Community School District in May and are out in the “real world” setting out to develop and determine their own futures. Now, other groups are preparing for their graduation and moving on to new learning and following their passions within the cur…

A city dweller for almost 50 years, I wanted to share a few things I have learned after moving to the country more than four years ago:

The Bellevue Public Library’s Summer Reading Program for 2019 wrapped up last week with the final in a series of fun and educational events, including The Hanson Family Show, The Hurstville Interpretive Center, a Summer Carnival, The Grout Museum, and The Jester Puppets.

Every 4th of July holiday I attend services which include the usual rhetoric and music. I know most of the words to all the patriotic songs and they can “get to me” and get my heart in a fervor.

All the animals at the shelter are saying thanks to Nemmers Realty for sponsoring the Charity Bash that netted us $500.

Just a Jackson County property taxpayer’s thoughts on the jail project: As I talk to people in the county, there is consensus that we need a new jail. That is usually the hard part to sell; however, location, number of beds, project costs, and operations costs calculate in whether to support…

When you type in Iowa county wages on the internet you will find 2018 second quarter with Jackson County being the second poorest county in the state and only Decatur County behind us in wages paid.

Definition: Boondoggle. Verb. Waste money or time on unnecessary or questionable projects.

Bellevue Bread Basket would like to thank Nemmers Realty and all the groups and participants who made the recent Charity Bash a success. Bellevue Bread Basket is grateful for all the communities support.

Assistant Jackson County Attorney Amanda Lassance has returned to work and is prosecuting drunk driving cases after having been involved in an alcohol-related incident during which police did not give her a sobriety test.

A Clinton man was charged with his third drunk-driving offense, plus multiple other offenses, following an accident that resulted in Assistant Jackson County Attorney Amanda Lassance being airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries April 12.

A  few weeks ago I was talking with a local resident about the newspaper’s coverage of the police  call involving Assistant Jackson County Attorney Amanda Lassance and how law enforcement officials in Clinton and Jackson counties handled it.

The Heritage Days Grand Parade, now in its 57th year, will take place Thursday, July 4 at 10 a.m. on Front Street in Bellevue. It will start at Horizon Lanes, travel south to State Street where the procession will turn west for several blocks to 6th Street and then turn north and end near Co…

For those that have not attended a country music jam at the KC hall, you have missed out on some great local musicians performing, and a lot of fun. But for the Jam that was held on June 12, 2019 there was also an opportunity to help out the ServeHaiti charity that is coordinated locally by …

The Heritage Days Grand Parade, now in its 57th year, will take place Thursday, July 4 at 10 a.m. on Front Street in Bellevue. It will start at Horizon Lanes, travel south to State Street where the procession will turn east for five blocks to 5th Street and then turn north and end near Cole Park.

I am writing in response to “Give it a rest.”  I totally disagree with Mr. Herrig.  When people engage in potentially illegal activity (the sheriff and assistant county attorney) the public has a right to know all of the details.

  As I sat at graduation and watched all the mixed emotions of the faces marching to "Pomp and Circumstance," I couldn't help but wonder how well the young kids were prepared for the next leg of their journey. If they are like I was at 17, they probably think they know pretty much everything…

I’ve been meaning to contact you and congratulate you on the exceptional reporting you folks have done regarding the assistant county attorney. I know it was difficult to keep pushing people for answers, especially when those people are folks you work with every day.

We would like to share a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all who have show support to Abigail Bierman throughout her recent Scripps National Spelling Bee journey.

When is a story finished?

American Legion Post 273 would like to thank the Bellevue community for their support of our Centennial celebration. The attendance at our Memorial Day observance was outstanding. Thank You Bellevue High School for the use of the gym during the inclement weather.

The Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program provides qualified seniors aged 60 and over with coupons (checks) that can be exchanged at farmer’s markets, roadside stands, and community supported agriculture programs for fresh, nutritious, unprepared, locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, …

The Maquoketa Sentinel-Press filed a complaint Friday with the Iowa Public Information Board against the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office and the County Attorney’s Office for declining to release requested public documents.

Many important facts from the April 6 police call involving Assistant Jackson County Attorney Amanda Lassance have started to come into focus, no thanks at all to Clinton County law enforcement officials who would like the story to go away.

On Sunday, May 5, my wife and I started in Darlington, WI, drove through Hazel Green and down along the east side of the river to see all flood waters. We crossed in Savanna and drove up the west side to Bellevue where we stopped.

When you died, I thought I would never smile again.  I was sure I would never laugh again.  You were not only my Mom, but my best friend.  For years I would head to the phone...sometimes even picking up the receiver... to share something that one of the  kids did, only to realize that I coul…

If officials want trust, records should be open to public

The Red Basket Project of Jackson County team packs and distributes feminine hygiene products to low income and homeless girls and women throughout Jackson County. Every month we distribute products and “period packs” (bags packed with enough products to help a student thru a monthly cycle) …

On May 27, 2019 at noon a dream for Jackson County will come true. Jackson County Veterans Memorial Park will have a dedication ceremony on East Jefferson Street in Maquoketa. This dream started 5 years ago with Bobby Johnson the owner of the lot where the Memorial Park is located. His dream…

The intent of this column is to provide commentary on public policy as it affects the American economy. Since you are part of the economy, it affects you. Hopefully, this will give you some “food for thought.” I have no intent to force my bias and opinion ( although I do have them.) What is …

   Fish fries are a weekly event about town, McDonald's advertises two fish sandwiches for $5, Culvers is hawking their cod fish sandwich as being ‘fresh from the North Atlantic,’ Hardees is trying to sell their ‘fish supreme charbroiled cod’ and seafood buffets beckon those with a promise o…

In the winter of the late ‘50s I returned from an away basketball game. It was probably around 11 p.m. in the evening when I decided to drive on the frozen over ice rink at Cole Park.