Homecoming Parade 1912


100 years Ago

March 28,1920

  The Vanderslice Shoe Co., of Davenport, makers of wooden shoes, have purchased a site and will erect a $25,000 factory to increase their output of wooden shoes which is now 300 pairs a day.  The shoes are used in creameries, candy factories and soft drink plants, but if present prices of footwear continue to soar we know one fellow who will have to resort to wooden shoes or go barefooted.

  LOST-an ever sharp pencil Sunday evening.  Return to Post Office and receive a reward.

Don't forget Fatty Arbuckle at the Cozy next Monday and Tuesday nights.  Fatty will make you laugh in his latest comedy, "The Hayseed."

 Sunday was the first day of spring, and an ideal day it surely was, our streets being lined with strollers, out to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

  Ben Roling received the balance of his machinery for his vulcanizing plant Saturday and now has it all installed ready to take care of any kind of work in the tire line.

For Sale-100 acre grain and stock farm adjoining poor farm at a bargain.  Inquire of Schulte and Reistroffer.

  Mrs. Mark Stratt had her left hand badly burned Tuesday when a pan of boiling syrup was overturned on it.  She was placing marshmallows in the syrup to make a filling for a cake and in some way struck the side of the pan and overturned it.

  Miss Gertrude Schaub was badly scalded about the chest, face, head and hands Thursday evening about 6 o'clock. She had a gallon pail with a lid on it boiling on the stove and when she set the pail on the table and went to pry off the lid the steam in the pail blew the cover off and threw boiling water all over her.  Dr. Lampe was summoned.  She was in such agony a hypodermic had to be administered to ease the pain.

  Ed Eggers was here from Lyons Saturday evening looking up rooms "with a view" to again locating here.  He expects to go to work in the button factory here if he can find a house to live in.

  Miss Clara Durkee, who has been employed in Dubuque, is in a serious condition suffering from blood poisoning in her arm and it is doubtful if the arm can be saved.  She had the misfortune to cut her arm about eight weeks ago and blood poisoning recently set in.

Live Stock Notes: Two tablespoonfuls of common baking soda on slop or mash given once or twice a week will keep hogs in a healthy condition.

  Casper Konrardy fell off a load of hay while working for d.J. Gibbs and now is nursing a few cracked ribs.

90 Years Ago

March 25, 1930

  A big freight engine was derailed in the yards Saturday afternoon and a wreck train from Savanna was called to put it back on the tracks.  The derailment occurred at Spruce and Second streets, two blocks south of the depot.

  Carlton Reed, son of Mr. and Mrs.Alex Reed, has completed a special agricultural course at Iowa State College, Ames.

  The ladies of the Presbyterian church held a cake sale at the First National Bank on Saturday afternoon. The cakes were wonderful and those having it in charge realized $33.

  Frozen assets caused the closing last week of the Farmers Savings bank of Bernard.

  Tom Sweeney, local member of the Jackson board of supervisors, informs us that he has secured a sufficient sum of money for graveling of the newly graded road north of the Green Island bridge.  This stretch of road, about a half mile in length, gets impassable in wet weather, and it is good news to Green Island people that it will be surfaced with gravel.

  A meeting of Radio Listeners' Protective league will be held at the Legion hall Thursday night.  A speaker from Fort Madison will tell the members how to eliminate local interferences.

  Leo Reeg had the index finger on his right hand torn off and the other fingers badly lacerated and crushed Thursday.  The accident happened when he got his hand caught in a wood saw.

  It must be wonderful to make so much money your family can make whoopee while you're in the sanitorium.

  Miles Robinson, wanted by county officials for the alleged theft of a radio from the home of George Wicke near St. Donatus last October, was taken from Anamosa to Maquoketa last week where he pleaded not guilty to the charge.  His trial will be held probably this week on a charge of breaking and entering.

  Having purchased a new spiral wrap machine, we are now equipped to do any kind of permanent wave.  Permanents will be given at the winter price of $6.50 including shampoo, trim and hair dress.  This enables patrons to get just the wave desired, either a croquinole wind that produces a flat wave with ringlet ends that need no finger waving, or spiral wrap producing personality waves.  No hair too difficult to handle.  Phone 94 or stop at Modern Beauty Shop.

80 Years ago

March 28, 1940

The members of the Bellevue Golf club held their annual meeting at the clubhouse Wednesday evening.  About 30 members were in attendance.  It is the hope of the group to have water piped to the grounds this season and to have a permanent caretaker.  The election results in C.C. Bisdorf, President; John Schwirtz, Secretary; and Royal Griebel, treasurer.

  The great technicolor talkie, "Gone With the Wind," which seems to be the most talked about movie of the past few years, is showing at the Orpheum Theater in Dubuque this week and a number of Bellevue people have had the pleasure of seeing this marvelous production.  

  A.C. Blitgen reports the loss of an oil filter valued at $3.50 from his car storage room at the rear of the tavern on Market street.  Mr. Blitgen has no idea when the theft occurred.

  If you have a telephone, tune in to the "Pot of Gold" program on Tuesday evenings at 7 o'clock.  The Bellevue exchange directory is on file and some subscriber may be fortunate in winning the "pot of gold" if his number is called.

  H.J. Beck has been making many improvements in his grocery and ice cream store on Market street.  An uptodate soda machine is being installed.  Herb has been manufacturing his own ice cream for some and will now be able to accommodate his patrons with fountain service in addition to everything in the grocery and meat line.

  There is still too much "behind closed doors talk" about cancer, the Iowa state department of health declared today in urging Iowans to make the most of educational opportunities which will be offered during Cancer Control Month in April.  "We can't fight cancer by hiding from it," the department said.  Overcome fear and ignorance and the campaign against this disease will be half won.  Only a relentless crusade over a period of years will succeed in wearing down the death rate from the disease.  This will take more courage and widespread knowledge than seem to be in evidence now.

  SPECIAL for Saturday:  $1.00 House Dresses marked down to 88 cents.  Size 14 to 48.  The Quality Shop

  SCHOOL NEWS: 2nd grade-George Schaub observed his birthday on Monday in the usual way.

  COZY: Lionel Barrymore in "Secret of Dr. Kildare"

  Merril Budde, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Budde sprained his arm last week, while Clarence Ties, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ties, broke his arm.

70 Years Ago

March 23, 1950

  Suitcase Worthy, star guard of the famous Harlem Hobos will play the Bellevue Dragons this Thursday night at 8:00 on the local hardwood.

  The WLS National Barn Dance in celebration of its 24th anniversary has arranged a limited tour of this popular radio show.  With a galaxy of new stars of comedy, song and dance, the National Barn Dance is coming to Bellevue for one performance at the new gym on Friday, April 14.

  Five Swea City youths have killed 296 crows within the past two months.  The youths scouted the gathering places of the crows and formulated a plan of attack which worked pretty well with the wily flyers.  Their largest haul at any one time was 45.  At ten cents per crow, the official bounty, their hunting has netted $29.60.

CHICKEN  At its Finest For Your Sunday Dinner-Capon-Dressed or Alive-also, good eating potatoes. Call 707-W State Street-Mrs. Edwin R. Webber.

  NOTICE: I am not responsible for any debts or any kind contracted by anyone else other than myself.  Jacob Steil

  HINTS FOR HOME: If hanging clothes outside in cold weather, place clothespins in oven a few minutes to warm them, then place in heavy bag to keep warm n the yard.  Fingers won't suffer so much in the cold. Before doing dirty work about the house, dig nails into cake of soap and when finished, use a nail brush to clean them.

  Now we've started to get television in Iowa.  Just like the ruckus caused years ago when folks got their first phone, so it is with the new television.  Soon they will find that anything like the telephone which brought people  closer together, it was good for all of us.  It'll be the same with television.  The better we know other people, the better and broader minded we are ourselves.  The more we appreciate the other fellow's point of view, the more likely he is to appreciate ours.

 60 Years Ago

March 24, 1960

  Council News: Councilmen Howard Taylor and Pete Frank both voiced objections to the $5 court costs being levied in some cases by Justice of the Peace Ella Zentner.  A long discussion ensued in which the court docket, the police docket, and state statutes were examined.  It was found that Mrs. Zentner was charging the full schedule allowed by state laws in many cases.  Several councilmen agreed that $3 or $2.50 cost would be more in order.

  Jackson county superintendent of Schools L.L. Long announced last week there would be at least one less rural one-room school in the county when the next term begins.  He added that as many as five of the 22 rural schools now in operation could be closed by the beginning of the 1960 school term.

  Eldon Kurth announced that he has purchased a portion of the Frank Dempewolf land just north of the town limits and holds an option on an additional section.

  MHS News: A mock debate was held by the eighth grade.  Terry Doland, Richard Hopson, and Chris Bates resolved winter is a better season for sports.  The negative side, Sandra Kueter, Dan Budde and Jerry Till won.  Dennis Till was the timekeeper.

The compact Without Compromise...The LARK by Studebaker...Till's Garage

BHS News- Honor Roll: Shirlaine Clausen, Ed Duesing, Edward Wright, Ruth Ann Dyas, Johelen Irwin, Aivars Berzins, Russell Clausen, Grant Hachmann, Jeanette Mangler, Phyllis Achen, Norine Felderman, Mitzi Freimanis,  Carol Ploeger and Dave Smithson.

50 Years Ago

March 26, 1970

  Stores in Bellevue will be closed from 1 to 3 p.m. Friday while churches hold services in observance of Good Friday.  The time of closing was established on proclamation of Mayor Noel Menard in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce.

20 Years Ago

March 23, 2000

OT Thriller At Big Dance-With just under 4 seconds left Boyden-Hull's Greg Anderson hit a 3-pointer from the top of the key to tie the score with Marquette at 69-69.  In overtime the Comets went on to win a Class 1A state tournament semi-final over the Mohawks 75-73.  Entering overtime the Comets appeared to have the momentum not just from the big 3-pointer, but the Mohawks had lost their big players Chris Kilburg and Jared Kohlenburg to fouls.