DNR September 1981

From their riverside research station biologists at the Bellevue unit have conducted a number of studies documenting fish populations on the Mississippi.  With unit manager Pitlo, right, are fellow marine biologists Maurice Anderson, Left, and Dennis Weiss, center.

100 Years Ago

September 6, 1921

 More Cozy fans are enlisting daily, judging from the attendance at their shows.  Showing this week at the Cozy:  Tonight and Wednesday, "Jubilo," Thursday and Friday: "The Unknown Wife;" Saturday, "Black is White" and Sunday, Jack London's famous strong story of the sea, "The Mutiny of the Elinore."

 Three veterans of the Civil War, John Nicholson, John Kuhlman, and John Meyer, all of Bellevue, were driven to Preston Saturday morning by Mr. Nicholson's son and spent the day with uncle Dan Paup at his home.  The first two named veterans were members of Uncle Dan's company, Co.K.31st Iowa Inf.

  John Lampe moved his soft drink parlors Thursday to the John Ahlers building at the corner of Front and Market streets which has been remodeled for him.  His new place gives him more room and better facilities to take care of his trade.

  The Bellevue Creamery shipped 125 gallons of ice cream out on the branch yesterday.

  "What Every Girl Should Know About Marriage"  is a wonderful book of secrets and valuable information, essential to all young women contemplating marriage.  A necessity to all wives and mothers.  A complete treatise covering all phases of Domestic Science.  208 pages of facts of interest to WOMEN ONLY.  Everybody's price, $2.00.  Sent in a plain wrapper.

90 Years Ago

September 8, 1931

  Aylmer Cole is no more.  After a long and lingering illness, marked with extreme suffering, borne with the patience of a martyr, his racked and tortured body yielded its spirit on last Friday evening at 8:45.  He passed away in the very room wherein he was born, an interval of sixty one years.

  Bids for the erection of the new power house and for the installation of two Diesel oil engines will be opened by the city council Thursday night.

  The Labor Day Celebration here Monday was largely attended in spite of the unseasonably hot weather.  The baseball game in the afternoon, the boat races, the concert by the Dubuque Community Band and the dance at the Coliseum (formerly the piano factory) were much enjoyed by the throngs.

  Whether to have an income tax or a general sales tax in Iowa is worrying greatly our lawmakers and many of them are arguing the proposition over through the newspapers.  The public's answer to the question is simply to forget both means of taxation.  The people of Iowa do not want an income tax and everyone knows that a general sales tax is a failure.

  The fact that prohibition is responsible for two-thirds of the cost of federal criminal justice comes home to us with particularly unpleasant emphasis in this time of depression and federal deficits, when every dollar counts.

  To The Coal Users: Please do not ask for Credit as we cannot extend credit.  All coal will be sold strictly for cash.  Yours truly, Seiffert Lumber Company.

  Attorney Eli Cole arrived home last week after a summer vacation spent in England, France and Germany.

80 Years Ago

September 11, 1941

  Donald Kinmonth, who has been a pleasing clerk in the Bellevue post office for several years, has resigned, much to the regret of the patrons of the office.  Miss Margaret Dempewolf who has made many friends, while clerking in the Pfeiffer store, has taken his place, and started work there this morning.

  Parents often make the mistake of not getting glasses for a child because they are afraid that once he starts wearing glasses he will always have to wear them.  That theory has been proven untrue.

  Cozy Theater-Friday and Saturday,  Hopalong Cassidy, "In Old Colorado."  Sunday and Monday, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Leslie Howard, O. DeHaviland in "Gone With the Wind."  Sunday and Monday, Humphrey Bogart in "The Wagons Roll at Night."

  Grass- fed beef ripens as well as grain-fed beef and is just as juicy and healthy, according to a report just issued by the United States Bureau of Animal Industry, which has conducted a 3 year study in Virginia.


70 Years Ago

September 13, 1951

Transfer of Cole Memorial park to the control of the town park board was completed at a meeting of the town council.  

Goetz and Son, who recently took over the Bellevue Auto Service garage building and the agency for General Motors cars and trucks, have been putting in long hours getting everything in shape for this new line of work.  During this short time Chevrolet cars have been delivered to nine people.  Used cars have been sold to 3 people.

 Miss Eleanor Hueneke, who has been a very efficient clerk at the Big D Market, has been suffering with what she thought was arthritis, and went to Iowa Cita about ten days ago for her examination at the University hospital.  After going through the clinic she was told her trouble was a dislocated hip, probably of long standing, and aggravated by being on her feet so much.

 From Our Early Files:  1901, Ned Quigley found a slug last week while clamming for which he received $60.   The country was startled as it has not been since the assassination of Garfield when news was flashed of an attempt on the life   of President McKinley.  1916: In attempting to board a moving freight train, George Schmink lost his footing and narrowly escaped death.  He was dragged several hundred feet before he was able to let go, which he did just as the train reached the bridge at the south edge of town.  He was badly scratched and bruised.

60 Years Ago

September 14, 1961

Marquette High School has joined the Eastern Iowa conference for baseball and basketball competition.  There are 10 teams in the league, most of them neighboring parochial schools.  Marquette and its predecessor, St. Joseph's high school, had not been a member of a conference.

  Bellevue softball swings into action following the organizational meeting Sunday at the softball field.  Nine teams have formed the league which will begin optional practice games this fall, then into pennant play next spring.

  A civil defense meeting for Bellevue has been set for the city hall Friday.  Mayor Bud Konmonth, who is calling the meeting, says it should last only a half hour.  He urges businessmen and merchants and all others interested in civil defense to attend the session.

Women Workers: Another line is to be added soon at the Bellevue Ensign Co. plant.  Applications are now being taken.  Apply in person.

BHS News: In Home Ec. We are finding magazine pictures of foods containing vitamins and minerals.  Mrs. Ohlendorf demonstrated making of pizza for a snack idea.

50 Years Ago

September 9, 1971

Tom Tegeler and Harriett Koppes were winners in the annual Labor Day mixed golf tournament at the Bellevue Golf Club.  Their 18 hole 86 topped the field of 20 golfers.  Robert Paulsen and Jan Brinker with 88.

Converse basketball shoes, 3 great styles; coach, $10.95; player, $8.95 and fast break, $6.95.  Hi Tops or Oxford style; other styles: LaCrosse $44.98 and Converse Surefoot $5.98.  Gym Trunks: red or blue $1.49.

MHS News:  James Squiers, a new member to the Marquette faculty, is teaching EnglishI.  He is also baseball coach and will coach the varsity basketball team.  Mr. Squiers and his wife, Linda, have a three-year-old son Todd, and they are expecting their second child.

40 Years Ago

September 10, 1981

 Roy Acuff and the Smokey Mountain Boys appearing Saturday, Nov. 14 At Moony Hollow, Home of the Country Tradition.

Aerobic Dance and Exercise Class Mondays and Wednesdays at the Bellevue Elementary gymnasium.  Basic Ballroom and Country Western Dance Class Wednesdays.  Myrl Scheckel, Instructor

30 Years Ago

September 12, 1991

  Train speeds limits, a hot topic several years ago, are back in the news again.  The Soo Line Railroad is proposing changing the 10 miles per hour limit to 25 mph under certain conditions.  Effective sunday, Sept. 15, the Soo Line is proposing 10 mph until the locomotive crosses the last crossing.  Then the speed will go to 25 mph.