Mr. Feurbach 1980

Bellevue Herald-Leader September 11, 1980: This year BHS has the privilege of meeting Mr. Feuerbach, the new junior high science teacher and assistant football coach.

100 Years Ago

September 14, 1920

  The Bellevue Population of 1663 shows a gain of 56  over the last Federal Census.  The population of Jackson County is 19,931.

  The Sabula Gazette changed hands when it was sold by William Wilson, who purchased it about a year ago. The new owner, Mr. Wade Guenther, is a hustling newspaper man and will no doubt keep that paper up to the standard of excellence.  We wish our brother Guenther the best of success in his venture.

  Albert Heim has sold his fine 200 acre farm to N.A. Hingtgen for $230 an acre or a total of $46,000. Mr. Heim will remain on the place until 1922 and has made no definite plans for the future.

  John Lampe has purchased the Beverage Supply Company from John Odermatt and N.H. Faust and took possession of the same yesterday.  The former will continue the business and will enlarge the wholesale department by handling beverages in carload lots.

  Louis Spiro and little Harold are spending the Jewish holiday in Chicago.

  J.P. Michels, of the Springbrook neighborhood, has purchased the John Ellinghouse property on the corner of Court and Sixth streets and will become a resident of Bellevue in the near future.

  Joe Kelley, who had been at the Moulton hospital since he had his foot cut off July 18 by a train, returned to his home at Dubuque Sunday night.

  State and county fairs all over the United States report record breaking attendances this year.  The automobile no doubt has contributed more than any other agency towards the success of the fairs and other celebrations.

  School opened Tuesday, Sept.6 with an enrollment of thirty-nine pupils.  As a number of little people entered school in the spring there were but two pupils who enrolled in the beginning class.

  It is said that work at the proving grounds will start soon in order to have some of the contract work completed before the cold weather sets in.

90 Years Ago

September 16, 1930

  Theo Neu, Marco Kucheman and George Kranz were elected directors of the Chamber of Commerce at a meeting held Friday night.  They will take the places left vacant by the recent death of members of the board.

  A new schedule went into effect yesterday on the narrow gauge.  One round trip train was discontinued and now there is only one train each way per day.  No. 81 leaves here for Lamotte and Cascade at 7 a.m. and arrives here on the return trip at 2:40 p.m.

  Joe Young of Bellevue was elected chairman of the Mississippi River Highway association at a meeting held yesterday at Clinton.  The purpose of the organization is to promote construction and use of the highway along the west bank of the Mississippi river through Iowa and other states and to exert united action in obtaining paving of sections of the highway that are not already surfaced and to advertise the scenic beauty of the route.

  A gentle old cow lying out in the pasture Friday night was the stumbling block for John Leitz, an employee at the Martin Gross farm.  Failure to see the animal, owing to the darkness, he fell over her and as she jumped to get up she stepped on his right hand.  Her hoof slipped off the hand, taking the skin with it and badly bruising it.  Dr. Hanske dressed the wound.

  A Kansas City man was injured when a cigarette ignited a quantity of blasting powder in his hip pocket.  To some, we suppose the moral of this incident is not to smoke cigarettes.  To us, it is to let the little woman carry all the family blasting powder in her handbag.

  Pastime Theatre, Maquoketa, one day only, Siamese Twins Violet and Daisy Hilton will appear in person.  They sing, dance and play musical instruments.  Matinee prices 10 and 35 cents; night prices: 25 and 50 cents.

  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are ember days.  Let us hope they may be bright and not too cold, for according to the old adage, the weather conditions for the following three months are governed by the prevailing weather of these three days.

  The Legions Column:  Several men showed up for the meeting Wednesday night but not enough.

  80 years Ago

September 29, 1940

  President Roosevelt signed the selective service act Monday afternoon at the same time Designated Oct. 16 as registration day for all men between 21 and 36.  After all of the 16,500,000 are registered the first contingent of 75,000 to be called under the act will go into uniform in about a month.  

  A pretty fall wedding took place in St. Joseph's church at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning when Miss Delores Budde and Raymond Hingtgen were joined in holy wedlock.  She is a very capable young woman and her retiring yet gracious ways have won her many warm and lasting friends.  The bridegroom is engaged in farming and like his charming bride is well liked and popular.


70 Years Ago

September 14, 1950

  Dianne Ries, three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ries of Bellevue, was the latest child stricken with polio from this area.  She was admitted toUniversity hospital at Iowa City last Thursday where her condition was reported as fair at the time.    

  Gene Scholtes returned home from the University Hospital this week, apparently cured of his polio attack.  

  DANCE Moonlight Gardens, music by Kenny Hofer; admission 62 cents per person plus tax

  BHS Activities: Soon the hot lunches at the gym will be appreciated by the pupils of the public school.  A hot lunch at the school will be different from eating sandwiches everyday or eating at home.  The kitchen addition to the gym will also make it handy to prepare hot food for tournament games and other activities that take place in the gym.

  SJS News: The fall St. Joe's baseball team returns with seven of its first nine regulars of last year.  Among them are Pat Daugherty, Mark Kueter, Bob Engleman, Chuck Roling, Arlyn Yeager, Tom Kueter and Merle Gonner.  

WEDDING DANCE honoring Kathleen Hartung and Leroy Kilburg with music by Floyd Warren and his Radio Ramblers; Tuesday, Sept. 19, at Danceland Park.

Miss Imelda Manderscheid of Lamotte and Gregory Kueter of Bellevue were united in marriage this Thursday morning, Sept. 14, at Holy Rosary church in Lamotte.

60 Years Ago

September 15, 1960

  Robert D. Ernst of 807 North Second street announces the opening of an insurance and tax service.  He will  handle all types of insurance and offers assistance with state and federal tax forms.

  A car wreck produced only minor injuries in the area Friday. A carload of Marquette high school baseball players coming back from a game at Andrew escaped injury on the gravel road when the car driven by Loras Watters overturned.

  FREE This weekend 6 bottle carton of Coca-Cola with every purchase of 10 gallons or more of Texaco Sky Chief Su-Preme or Texaco Fire Chief.  WinBig Prizes, Too!  5 Mercury 10-H.P. Outboard Motor, Yardster Arrow 2-1/2 H.P. Briggs and Stratton Go-Carts, 20 Columbia Transistor Radios; Nothing to buy !  Ask for free entry blanks.  Art's Texaco Service Station, 113 N. Water St.

  Misses Sue and Sherry Jess moved into an apartment in Dubuque Sunday.  The girls are employed in Dubuque and have been driving back and forth.

  BHS Second Grade-Teacher Mrs. Staude-The following had perfect spelling papers last week: John Chantos, Janell Gieseman, Debra Griebel, Glinda Hovey, Jeffry Jensen, Janis KIlburg, Carol Klemme, Gary Knief, Wayne Kohlenburg, Candis Morett, Gene Morett, Darell Pataska, Steven Putman, Chris Roling, Jackie Stamp and Karen Stachura.

  Seventh Grade News: We were sorry to report that Bob Tillmans was absent from school because of illness.  He is back now.  Marianne Hinke accidentally broke a window during Physical Education.

50 Years Ago

September 17, 1970

  Charles Bevan and Vic Kuper were elected to seats on the board of education of Bellevue community school district in the annual election Monday.  They will serve three-year terms.  

  Fox hunting and trapping enthusiasts are reminded by the state Conservation Commission that the season on red and gray fox opened Sept. 1 and close on Feb. 28.This is the first time in many years that a season has been set for fox.           Included in the opening are trapping and hunting of weasel. badger, skunk, civet cat, groundhog and opossum.  There is no closed season on coyote.

40 Years Ago

September 11, 1980

  Who in their right minds would travel more than 1,800 miles across the country by bicycle during one of the worst heat waves of the century.  Two Bellevue area men, that's who.  Clayton Pederson, 29, and Bill McClintock, 29, bicycled their way from the Black Hills of South Dakota to Portland, Ore.

30 Years Ago

September 20, 1990

  A search for a 30-year-old Chicago man who disappeared here Friday evening after drinking heavily has failed to produce any clues to his whereabouts.  Bellevue Fire Department dragging operations Sunday near Point Pleasant Boat Landing failed to turn up anything after the missing man's fishing companion notified law enforcement .  He told authorities he and his friend had been drinking Friday evening on their boat tied at the boat landing.  When he woke up Saturday morning his friend was gone.

20 Years Ago

September 14, 2000

  Bellevue city council members reaffirmed their interest in acquiring a 10 acre bottom tract on the city's southside, but with a split decision.  At a previous session the council discussed possible acquisition and development, enough that City Hall and the Dubuque Army Reserve office scheduled construction activities for reservists next week.

10 Years Ago

September 23, 2010

  Two weeks after armed robbers made off with $44,875 from Maquoketa State Bank in Andrew, investigators have identified one of their suspects with the help of fingerprints and a former girlfriend.  

  Monday night, the Andrew school board took their first official step toward an agreement that would close grades nine through 12 in Andrew next year, sending those students to Maquoketa or Bellevue.

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