100 Years Ago

January 24, 1919

    A.G. Esfield treated Kucheman &Son's force of lady clerks to a sleighride last Friday evening and visited Bellevue State Park, which is an ideal drive and a wonderful sight with its heavy coat of the "beautiful."   We bumped into very disagreeable weather for our sauerkraut supper for he benefit of the Bellevue Public Library on Tuesday evening, so we decided to serve again on Wednesday noon.  The total receipts amounted to about $45.

90 Years Ago

January 24, 1929

"The sanest thing you have written for months", writes one subscriber commenting on a recent editorial.  While from another, speaking on the same subject, we learn that it is foolish and a bad thing for the community-an editor should be more careful." Thus the sunshine and rain falls upon, and nourishes, editors and flowers alike.

80 Years Ago

January 24, 1939

  Several bills are now pending in congress to require all aliens living in the United States to be fingerprinted and registered with the federal government.  The bills are meant to curb activities of foreign spies, and the recent trial of German spies brought home to officials and private citizens alike the need of some way to keep tab on foreigners in this country.  The time has come when foreign trouble makers should be kept under watchful eyes; the U.S. has always been too lenient with foreigners.

  From the Reveille Post News: with the prospect of a heavyweight prize fight on the radio at 9 o'clock, the gang, one short of a quorum, broke up last Wednesday night and no meeting was held.  Others came later but it was too late.  And a it turned out there was no fight either; Louis hit Lewis and it was all over.  In fact the night was a dud all the way around.

  Two of our prominent members have become fathers again recently and neither one has been to a meeting of the post since the events took place.  How Come?


70 Years Ago

January 27, 1949

Playing at the Cozy Theatre Friday and Saturday night are Cary Grant and Myrna Loy in Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid.  Sunday and Monday at 6:45 and 8:45 H. Bogart and Lauren Bacall star in Key Largo.

Red Cross News: The following women spent Monday afternoon at the sewing room.  Mesdames Fred Cheny, Sam Lamborn, harry Wells, Florence Hughey, Ted Roeder, Walter Sharnborg, Antoinette Schirmer and Miss Mae Weber.  The ladies enjoyed lunch of rolls, butter, jam and coffee.


60 Years Ago

January   29,  1959

  Mrs. Harold Kueter of north Bellevue won a sewing machine on the television program "Music Bingo" Tuesday.  Her post card, sent to the ABC program in New York was drawn by a sailor, Gerald Ensminger of the USS Independence, in the New York studios.  His particiapation in the program helped win the prize for Mrs. Kueter.

  Mrs. Kueter was watching Tuesday and heard her name read as if it were Kuter-rhyming with scooter.  But they then read her address of 1001 Mulberry Street, Bellevue and she was sure of her prize.  Wedneday morning KCRG TV, Cedar Rapids station which carries the show, couldn't locate the winner by phone until a call to the Herald office corrected the spelling of the name, which they believed to be Kveter instead of Kueter.

The Cozy is showing "Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki"  with Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride  at 8 o'clock each evening.

50 Years Ago

January 27, 1969

  Gary Hutter, 17, of St. Donatus, drowned in a freak car accident early Saturday morning on a county road southeast of St. Donatus.  He was one of four persons in a car which went ff the icy road and overturned in a small creek running several feet with water from melted snow.  His half-brother, Sylvester Connelly,22, and Ronald Hilken,22, and James Hilken, 17, all of St.Donatus suffered various injuries in the upset.

40 Years Ago

January 25, 1979

   A Quasar VCR was advertised at Keil electric for $269.00.

 A letter to the editor read:  

On a cold day in January my van had a tire blow out near Dubuque.  

It was over 20 year since I had changed a tire, but I managed to free the spare and position the jack. I prayed I would be successful with the tire change, but added ,"It would really be great if you could send someone to help me.  

I will never know if I could have changed that tire because a stranger, all dressed up and on his way to an appointment, stopped and changed the tire for me.  T

hanks Brad Michels for your compassion.  I love reading good news and I hope you will publish this letter praising one of your citizens.  Natalee Colyer, Dubuque, Iowa