BHS Basketball 1970

FROM FEBRUARY 1970: Victory smiles were plentiful as the Bellevue High School boys basketball team repeated as champions in the annual tournament of the Jackson County Conference. In the jubilant bunch, kneeling left to right, are John Hinke, Randy Felderman, Gene Morett and Steve Saddoris. Standing are Paul VonSprecken, Gerald Kuhl, Coach Larry Conrad, Tom Rieckens, Mike Knake. Curt Hammond, Rick Krabbemhoft, John Chantos, Steve Hilberg and Ron Hitchcock.

100 Years Ago

February 3, 1920

The town of Green Island was the scene of its second fatal accident within a week’s time.  Mrs. Edward Pauli and her two children were snuffed out in one of the most shocking calamities that has been recorded in this vicinity for some time.  Mrs. Pauli and her two children age five and two had gone to the store to get some kerosene and upon her return sought to revive the kitchen fire by pouring some of the oil in the stove.  An explosion threw burning oil all over the unfortunate woman and the room setting fire to her clothing and the interior of the home.

A brakeman on a freight train standing near the house at the time, rushed into the kitchen and dragged the latter out and extinguished her burning clothes by rolling her in the snow.  She screamed “My Children!” and rushed back into the blazing house before he could intercept her.  He succeeded in dragging her from the house, but not before she was horribly burned about the whole body. She passed away Sunday morning.

Live Stock Notes: No animal on the farm succumbs more quickly to disease than sheep.  

 Dear Grace:- I knew you did not have a good time at the Dance last evening.  Just a hint-Hollister’s Rocky Mountain Tea is the best ever for bad breath, sallow color, no pep, pimply face, bad disposition. Joe. The Rexall Store.

An enthusiastic meeting of the White cross Society was held Wednesday.  Fourteen ladies were present, who now have eight dresses underway for the refugee children of Persia and Seria.

St. Donatus was the scene of a big fire last Tuesday afternoon when the gristmill owned by Peter Hingtgen was totally destroyed.  A number of other buildings in close proximity were saved through the gallant work of the residents of that village who gathered to fight the flames.

90 Years Ago

February 4, 1930

 Royal Griebel, Mildred Koppes and Gwendolyn Stuart won first place in their respective classes at the annual declamatory contest held at the public school gymnasium Thursday evening.

  Hospital Notes: Corie Griffin of Green Island cut a bad gash in his knee yesterday, which required several stitches.

  A large and enthusiastic meeting greeted the Rev. J.E. Linkenmeyer on Sunday morning when he presented to the members of St. Joseph’s parish the proposed plans for the new parochial school to be built in the coming year.  The proposed building will be erected on the ground between the Sister’s home and the old school building, facing the west, at a cost of $50,000.

  The University of Iowa is back in the Big Ten conference in good standing, according to a ruling of the faculty committee.  The school that admitted a slush fund was let back into the fold but those athletes who derived some benefit from the fund were not reinstated.  

  The first sign of spring has arrived although there is still a large amount of snow on the ground.  The seed catalogs are arriving on every train, a sure sign that “it won’t be long now.”

 A bobsled ride that was planned for today to the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Felderman (Capt.) will take place, but owing to the snow being gone on the paving, the women will make the jaunt in a hayrack.

  A crowd of young Otter Creek people motored to the Charles Veach home one night last week and from there went by bobsled to the Lamotte farm home of E.J. Gibbs for an oyster supper.  They played games, danced and had music for several hours.

80 Years Ago

February 8, 1940

  At a meeting of the board of directors of the Bellevue Shipping Association held Tuesday Henry Sturm was appointed shipping manager from a field of seven applicants for the job.  He succeeds Wm. Kuper who has held the position for the past 12 years, declining reappointment this year.  

J.P. Wagner, who for several months has been operating the Norpel Service Station on the corner of Front and Market street, has accepted a position in Waterloo.  Richard Norpel is now in charge of the service station.

  The Bellevue Maytag Co. received a shipment of fifteen 1940 Maytag washers Wednesday.  The new machines embody the latest improvements in the washing machine industry.

Donald Manderscheid is now employed at the Yeager Service Station.

The Rev. Sig. H. Sandrock baptized the twin babies born to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Felderman at Moulton Hospital, Sunday.  The name of Dale Howard was given to the boy and the girl was named Donna Jean.

Misses Marie Weinschenk, Anna Webber and Mrs. Ella Puls arrived home Wednesday evening from Chicago where they purchased a stock of goods for the store which will open in the near future in the Alex Reed building on the corner of Second and State streets.  

Don’t forget to teach your children that it is unsafe to play in the streets.  Don’t walk with traffic on open highways.  This is a direct violation of the Iowa laws.  Always walk against traffic.

Miss Eleanor Theisen, popular clerk at the Rexall store is recovering from a severe illness, bordering on pneumonia.  Miss Margaret Dempewolf, one of the pleasant clerks at the Pfeiffer store is also recovering from a siege of illness, which threatened pneumonia.

70 years Ago

February 2, 1950

  ST. Joe’s girls went up against the Miles team in the opening rounds of the State Sectional Tournament at Elwood Monday night.  Judy Till and Barbara Michels held the scoring honors for St. Joe’s with 12 apiece.  Final score was St. Joes 31, Miles 23.

  Vic Valant went on a scoring spree, ripping the net for 30 points on 12 field goals and 6 free throws to lead St. John’s Lutheran cagers to a 62 to 50 win over Third Presbyterian of Dubuque.  

  The decorating project at the Presbyterian church has reached its final stages.

  Circle met Wednesday afternoon in the Presbyterian church parlors for a cleaning bee.  Cake, sandwiches, pickles and coffee were served.

60 Years Ago

February 4, 1960

His Two Bits by LN-  The go-cart boys are quiet for the moment but wait until Spring comes, I suspect there will be some mighty fine machines that have been in the making all winter.  It seems to me that in an age like this, we ought to encourage all the mechanical, electrical, scientific, and nuclear pursuit possible among our boys.  And let’s teach our girls to cook, to sew, and to be genuine housekeepers.

The flu bug swooped down on Bellevue last week and really played hob with things, especially in the business area.  The Big D market was minus five regular employees and some of the former girls were drafted from their household work to come back and handle the groceries.  With Dr. Dempewolf still ailing, Dr. Michaelson was on what comes near being a 24-hour merry-go-round. A lot of folks are concerned about Dr. Dempewolf’s health for his sake.  And some are worried for their own sake.

Down in the basement of the town hall, Penny Sommer has been at work for the park board making new benches.  A mason instead of a carpenter gets the job because the support structure of these new benches will be of concrete.

Norpel’s SelfServe Market-Old Dutch Potato Chips-1 pound box, 49 cents; U.S.Choice Beef Front Quarter 38 cents per pound; hind quarter 40 cents.

50 Years Ago

January 29, 1970

  Bellevue’s long-awaited meeting between the high school basketball teams occurred Tuesday night and Bellevue high took both games.  Mike Knake of the Comets had his usual good night to run up 19 points and Curt Hammond added 15, Tom Rieckens 11.  Gary Neubert’s 15 led Marquette and Rog Feltes had 12.

  Bellevue High School’s varsity girls went on a scoring spree Saturday night to defeat Mar-Mac 100 to 75.  Candy Morret led the bucket brigade with 32 points, Bobbi Brockhage poured in 28, Debbie Griebel 25 and Nancy Andresen 14.

 The new gym at Bellevue high school saw its first public use last week for the second two nights of the Jackson County Conference basketball tournament.  The paid attendance set new records, with 1,136 packed in on Saturday night.

  Jay Theisen, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Theisen Jr., underwent a tonsillectomy at Mercy Medical Center, Tuesday.

40 Years Ago

January 31, 1980

 The city of Bellevue appears to be headed towards serious financial difficulties.  The problem has occurred largely because of sizeable overspending by the street department, compounded by less revenue being realized from road use taxes than expected and a growing deficit in the sewage-disposal system account.

 Earlier this week, several Bellevue and Springbrook area people started saving themselves time, wear and tear on their cars, gas, traffic headaches...and money.  Kermit Keppe of Springbrook started driving a bus route to the John Deere factory in Dubuque.  

It was an amazing upset for 10th rated Pleasant Valey Spartans as the Bellevue Comets defeated them 72-60 in a home game.  It was Pleasant Valley’s first conference game loss in five years.

Two Bellevue policemen may be suspended for transporting an accident victim in the trunk of their patrol car.  The officers involved are Mike Doyle and Jan Latta.   Latta said he did not want to allow Cecil Feil to ride inside the police car because of his bloody condition.  

According to Doyle, Latta went to the back of the car and opened the trunk and told Feil that he could either go to a hospital by ambulance or ride home in the trunk of the car.  “We didn’t put him in the trunk.  He just walked back and climbed in the trunk.”