River bank

100 Years Ago

June 10, 1921

  St. Joseph's parochial school will hold formal graduation on Sunday, June 12.  Eight pupils have successfully completed the tenth grade and will graduate with honors. Fourteen pupils of the eighth grade took the county examinations and all passed with good marks.  The graduates from the Tenth grade are: Edward Ernst, Allen Freese, Frank Gerlich, Michael Remakel, Frances Remakel, Hilda Sieverding, Genevieve Rolling, Alverda Scheckel.

  The remains of Corp. George Schaub, and Private Tasso Schoop of Bellevue, and Privates Bernard Portz of Springbrook, John Laughlin of Zwingle and James Clancy of Cascade, who died overseas during the war, arrived here Friday night on the late train and were met at the depot by members of the American Legion in uniform and a large concourse of our citizens.  The bodies of Schaub, Schoop and Portz were immediately removed to the homes of their folks and the other men were shipped out to their old homes on the narrow gauge Saturday morning.  The two Bellevue boys died just one day apart.

  Fighting weeds occupies about 30 percent of all the time a farmer spends in cultivation of crops, according to experts in the United States Department of Agriculture, who recently have been conducting a weed survey.

  According to a government report the influenza case rate for a group eating from plates and utensils washed by hand was 324 cases per 1,000 inmates, as compared with a rate of 108 per 1,000 inmates from that group eating from dishes washed by dish-washing machines.  

90 years Ago

June 9, 1931

    The annual Chamber of Commerce excursion will be held Friday according to word received by George Beeler.  The usual trip will be made to Dubuque with the boat returning to Bellevue in time for a moonlight excursion.

The Maquoketa golf club came to Bellevue Sunday and defeated the local club by something like 100 strokes.  The local men declare that they couldn't keep out of the rough Sunday and they also say that the visitors from the Timber City are excellent golfers and hard to beat.

 The banns of marriage between Wilford Till and Miss Hilda Sieverding were published for the first time Sunday at St. Joseph's church.

  Cedar Rapids-Raymond Simon, 15, who was wounded May 22 by a local policeman, died Saturday.  The boy was shot when he ran instead of obeying the officer's command to halt.

  Ber White shipped a carload of clam shells to Muscatine yesterday.

  Why is it that grownups as well as children cut across corner lots?  Few steps are saved, and one would think that it would be easier to walk on a smooth sidewalk than to walk through grass and over flower beds.

  Fred Schaub's new addition to his garage is almost complete and he is installing new machinery.  He has also installed a new gasoline pump and is now selling three grades of Standard gasoline.

80 Years Ago

June 12, 1941

  The Iowa Highway Commission advertised for bids for the construction of the overhead crossing on highway 52 at the south edge of Bellevue.  Bids on the $250,000 project will be opened on June24.  The overhead said to be one of the most difficult engineering jobs encountered in the state will be 823 feet long and 24 feet wide.

  Miss Margaret Campbell, the Leader's star reporter, is enjoying a vacation from her strenuous duties and expects to leave this evening for Tulsa, for a visit with her sister.  During her absence we request our readers to phone their news items directly to this office.

  Louis Jess, who has been home on furlough with his parents, received notice from naval authorities at Washington on Tuesday morning that his leave had been cancelled, requesting him to return to San Diego immediately for duty on the U.S.S. Saratoga.  

  The half-dozen nimrods that dispatched themselves on a fishing jaunt into the northland returned last Saturday with modest and varied stories.  Those making the trip were Charles Cheney, Rev. Laurence Nelson, John Hachmann, Ben Janssen, Omer Efferding and H.W. Anderson.

  The 48 stars and 13 stripes in our American flag today stand as indisputable evidence that a united continent is possible-that groups of people with different philosophies, of different races with varying interests can become one peaceful, united nation.

  Father's Day Gifts: suspenders 49 cents, dress shirts, 98 cents, neckties, 98 cents, Pfeiffer's Federated Stores.

70 Years Ago

June 7, 1951

  A dismantled F-84 jet fighter plane was transported thru Bellevue Wednesday morning on a fleet of six army air force trucks enroute from Dayton, O. to the new air force base at Waterloo.

  Uncle Vaughn Gayman and his Flavorkist radio quiz program from Station WKBB will appear in person tomorrow afternoon at the Big D Market.  All patrons and friends are invited to be in attendance.

  Uncle Sam Says: Secure your future-Buy U.S. Savings Bonds with payroll savings.  What's good for you is good for the country.

  Some of the boys, about a half dozen of them, have erected a veritable bomb shelter north of Bellevue for their motors.  It is a concrete block structure that is done in good style.  Some of the guys using the adobe are Art, Dr. Tilton, Jack Hachmann, Ray Leonard and some others I believe.

  With Tom Roling turning in a brilliant pitching performance in Sunday's game at Clinton, the Bellevue Beavers shut out the Clinton Foods team 3-0 to move into a tie for third place in the Illowa league race.  It was Clinton's first defeat of the season.

  Don't forget the movies at the Legion rooms tonight. Views of the Korean fighting front will be shown.  The general public is invited to attend.

60 years Ago

June 8, 1961

  Five Bellevue girls are among the nine finalists in the Miss Maquoketa pageant being sponsored by the Maquoketa Jaycees.  The girl to represent Maquoketa will be chosen Friday.  Rose Marie DeGear, Carol Deppe, Cleo Gerlach, Carol Ann Koppes and Judy Tebbe are the Bellevue girls in the competition.  

  Phyllis Achen has been named assistant to Playground Director Don Even.

   Funeral services were conducted Monday for the five victims of a two-car collision which occurred 4-1/2 miles west of Bellevue Friday morning.  Buried from St. Joseph's church were Mrs. Melvin Hoff, her son, Terry, 12 and daughter Lenta, 3.  Services were conducted in the Presbyterian church for Gerald Kintzle, 31, and his wife, Una Marlene, 24.

  Egelhof Funeral Home-101 Franklin St.  Call Kenneth Leppert, Bellevue Phone 2.

50 Years Ago

June 10, 1971

  Bob Ernst and Evelyn Manderscheid have announced the sale of her insurance business to Mr. Ernst.  He will continue the same companies which she was servicing.

 Plans for Bellevue's annual heritage days celebration are well underway.  Several changes have been made in this year's schedule.  Most notable will be the river boat rides to be available.  The Julie N Dubuque will be on hand all day for the river excursions.

 An escapee from a Washington state prison was apprehended here early Wednesday morning after a night of work by state, county and local law officers.  Everett Osborne, 28, was captured about 5:40 a.m. south of the Pleasant Creek park after he had eluded a dragnet at a Bellevue home.  Bellevue Police Chief Eldon Wohlers received a call after midnight from the FBI that the escapee could be on his way to visit relatives in Bellevue.  Chief Wohlers drove past the Bellevue home and found a car with Oregon license plates parked there.  

40 Years Ago

June 11, 1981

    Because of a serious outbreak of rabies, nearly 20 people in the St. Donatus and LaMotte areas have undergone anti-rabies vaccinations so far this year.  The first case was reported in February and involved a rabid skunk on the Joe Gleason farm.  Until last year, persons infected with rabies were forced to undergo as many as 23 painful injections, which resulted in severe side effects.  Now a serum is administered in five doses, usually given in the arm, which cause virtually no discomfort.  Although no cases of rabies in humans have been reported since 1951, the recent outbreak among animals indicates a clear danger.

  Plans for a second medical clinic in Bellevue died Monday night.  Bellevue city council voted unanimously to reject a request by Medical Associates of Maquoketa to rezone a vacant lot in south Bellevue from R-1 residential to C-1 commercial.  The doctors had purchased a lot at 502 S. Third Street, across from the west side of Sarge O'Neill Park.

  Bellevue City Council voted four to one Monday night to offer $50,000 to Marvin Goetz of Bellevue for the vacant building he owns at the northwest corner of Court and Second streets.

30 Years Ago

June 4, 1991

City Attorney Mark Lawson informed cable owner Mitch Friedman his company is in default of the terms of Bellevue's non-exclusive cable franchise.  That was almost a month ago and the clock is ticking on the 60 day time period stipulated in the franchise agreement.